Pokemon Fan Makes Rocky Road Geodude Chocolates

One talented Pokemon fan decides to make edible creations based on the Pokemon franchise, featuring the Rock/Ground-type Pokemon called Geodude.

With close to 900 Pokemon featured throughout the Pokemon series, it should come as no surprise that all sorts of interesting designs have been seen. From the cute to the unusual, there is no shortage of unique-looking Pokemon for gamers to discover in the games. Among some of the more interesting-looking pocket monsters in the franchise is one known as Geodude.

As part of the original Gen 1 Pokedex, Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon. As the name suggests, it has a rock-like body. However, one of the highlights of the design of the Geodude is its long muscular arms. Due to this unusual appearance, many gamers have become familiar with this Pokemon. Recently, one fan of the series decided to take the odd-looking appearance of this Pokemon and turn it into some incredible art that could also be eaten as a dessert.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as miscellaneousmao shared a picture of a piece of edible art they had created based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, the artist decided to make rocky road chocolates that resembled the design of a Geodude Pokemon. The image had a number of different Geodude chocolates, each containing an incredible amount of detail, such as the Pokemon’s long arms. Impressively, the artist managed to include the Alolan variant of the Pokemon as well. In addition, the Reddit user sliced one of the desserts in half, revealing the chocolaty goodness inside.

In addition to showcasing the rocky road Geodude chocolates in a picture, miscellaneousmao shared some details behind how they made the desserts. According to the Reddit user, they were made using chocolate ganache along with marshmallows and almonds. They then dipped them in white chocolate and used candy melts to add arms and other details to the Pokemon designs.

While these chocolate desserts are doubtlessly impressive to many fans, this is far from the only edible creation made by miscellaneousmao. They have posted more delicious artwork on Reddit for those wanting to see even more. For example, they previously shared a video revealing Galarian Darumaka hot chocolate bombs they made that transformed into Unovan Duramaka when dropped into a warm drink.

Despite gamers frequently posting new fan art to the Pokemon subreddit, it remains impressive to see the talent that many members of the community have. For example, another gamer recently made their own edible fan art based on the Pokemon series by making matcha cookies based on Sprigatito, an upcoming starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It will be interesting to see what types of creations are shown off by artists such as miscellaneousmao in the coming weeks.

Source: Gamerant

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