Pokemon Fan Makes Neat Minior Lamp

A creative Pokemon fan has crafted a lamp based on the fan-favorite Pokemon Minior, and is sharing their results online. The custom deskware creation is leaving more than a few Pokemon fans impressed, with the post rapidly gaining likes within just hours of being posted.

Minior – known as the Meteor Pokemon – is a dual-type Rock/Flying Pokemon introduced during the long-running franchise’s seventh generation. While Minior doesn’t evolve into or from any other Pokemon, its Shields Down Ability allows it to change from Meteor Form into Core Form once its HP falls below 50 percent. While Minior’s generation is considered by some fans to be one of the most overlooked of the now-nine generations, a relatively new Pokemon GO feature is keeping the Gen 7 spirit alive.

The impressive Minior desk lamp was created by Reddit user Middle-Ad-9187, who posted their homemade craft to one of the site’s Pokemon forums. The first image features the Minior lamp in Meteor Form, with the glowing star tips poking out on the perimeter. The second photo is Minior in its Core Form with this one being blue – one of seven color possibilities – complete with massive swirling eyes and tiny grin. The third and final image gives a more level view of the Minior lamp in Meteor Form, showing off the lamp’s details and color.

Further inspection of the post reveals the Minior lamp parts were modeled and 3D printed, and that the entire thing stays together using magnets. The lamp’s base is another creative component, echoing Minior’s Core Form. Other Pokemon fans seem quite appreciative of the creation, with either compliments or requests for the lamp’s 3D files filling up the post’s comments section. In addition to lamps, fans have re-imagined Minior in a variety of unexpected ways, including one Pokemon fan who made Minior hot chocolate bombs.

While turning a Pokemon into a lamp may sound like a novel idea, the concept has been done before, albeit with a different type of lamp. Earlier this year a Pokemon fan transformed a lamp into Lampent, but this was a ceiling lamp rather than one for a desk. Similar to the Minior lamp above, the fan 3D printed out the components to bring the lamp to life, showing the creation process in a brief video.

While the 3D printed Minior lamp is certainly a splendid piece of art, not every Pokemon fan has access to a 3D printer. Luckily fans can still light up their space with something similar, as Pokemon has released a Pikachu-shaped lamp, going for a reasonable $25.

Source: Gamerant

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