Pokemon Fan Makes Life-Size Version of Charmander Out of LEGOs

One gamer, also a master LEGO builder, creates a life-size version of Charmander using LEGO bricks, and the results are impressive, to say the least.

Over the past couple of decades, the Pokemon franchise has extended well beyond just video games. In fact, numerous types of merchandise featuring various pocket monsters have been released. However, one brand that surprisingly has yet to receive official Pokemon-themed merchandise is LEGO. While many gamers wish that the Pokemon franchise would partner with the Danish toy company to release LEGO sets, one talented builder decided to make his own custom LEGO creation featuring one of the video game series’ most iconic starters, Charmander.


As part of the original trio of starter Pokemon, Charmander is one of the first Pokemon seen in the series. It is a Fire-type Pokemon that features a reptilian body and an orangish coloration with a tan underbelly. Notably, it has a tail with a tip that is on fire. In addition, this starter evolves into Charmeleon, which can be further evolved into the powerful Charizard. Recently, one gamer decided to see what this classic pocket monster would look like with a slightly more blocky appearance.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as Ddave shared a picture of a Pokemon creation they had made. Specifically, they had made fan art based on Charmander. However, this artwork stood out because the Reddit user had recreated the pocket monster out of LEGOs. In addition, they revealed that the LEGO build was life-sized, meaning that a very large amount of bricks were needed to complete the design.

While the life-size proportions of this LEGO version of the Fire-type Charmander likely resulted in a large amount of work, it allowed Ddave to include an impressive level of detail in the design. In the picture, the Pokemon had a happy expression as it smiled and waved. In addition, the Reddit user utilized a large number of bricks to recreate the classic shape of Charmander, and they even replicated its flaming tale. To finish off the design, they set the LEGO Pokemon against a background of long grass.

Unsurprisingly, many fans have taken notice of this life-size version of Charmander made using LEGOs. In only a couple of hours, a number of fans have upvoted the post and praised the fan art. For example, one fan noted that using LEGOs for the project was a nostalgic choice as it reminded them of their childhood. In addition, a Reddit user known as gloomsday simply used the word “insanity” to reference the skill needed to create the LEGO Charmander.

It will be interesting to see what Pokemon Ddave decides to create next. In addition to this life-sized Charmander, they had previously made a LEGO version of Bulbasaur, complete with the same level of attention to detail seen in their more recent work. Perhaps, they will attempt to make LEGO recreations of some of the new pocket monsters revealed in the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the coming weeks. Regardless, whatever they make next is sure to impress.

Source: Gamerant

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