Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Neon Stickers Based on Popular Pokemon

Pokemon is a popular franchise that’s been growing over the years with each new game, film, and TV show that comes out. This has resulted in a lot of fans making their own fan creations based on the Pokemon franchise, whether it’s the characters, items, or the Pokemon themselves.

There have already been plenty of Pokemon fan creations over the years and there will continue to be more coming out. Most fan creations tend to take the form of fan art, merchandise, custom accessories, and more based on the games as well as the shows. One online fan has been making their own unique fan creations based on the Pokemon franchise.


Reddit user R3xgmk recently made a post on the Pokemon subreddit where they showed off some of their latest neon stickers they made based on popular Pokemon. The stickers shown in the post are made based on three specific Pokemon from the franchise. The first sticker is Gengar, the second is the legendary dragon pokemon Rayquaza, and the third is Ash Ketchum’s Squirtle wearing his Squirtle Squad shades.

R3xgmk does reveal a couple of things about the neon stickers themselves in response to several questions about their quality. The stickers are generally waterproof and have a laminate covering on top, so they should work on water bottles as well as cars. The general reception to the neon Pokemon stickers has been positive with plenty of commenters impressed with R3xgmk’s work on the stickers.

Of course, plenty of them liked the Pokemon selected for the stickers, with Squirtle being frequently praised in the comments. Many commenters were so impressed that they wanted to purchase the stickers right then and there, so R3xgmk directed them to a link in the post that goes to their Etsy account. On their account, there are neon stickers of other Pokemon besides the three shown in the post.

Some of the other stickers include ones for Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, and several others. They even made some neon stickers for The Legend of Zelda games. They don’t have neon stickers for all the popular Pokemon in the franchise, but R3xgmk did state they’re already working on new Pokemon stickers and have a list of Pokemon they plan to make stickers for.

Other Pokemon stickers they’re working on include a shiny Umbreon as well as regular and shiny versions of Eevee’s various evolutions. With all the feedback that they’ve received, R3xgmk stated that the Eevee evolution stickers will be the likeliest to come out next week. They did request in the comments that any current and potential customers be patient as they try to get all the orders out on time.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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