Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Drawing of Lucario

A Pokemon fan shows off a beautiful drawing of the Fighting/Steel-Type pocket monster Lucario that also features its pre-evolution form, Riolu.

Pokemon has been an inspiration for artists for years. Since the series first released over two decades ago, gamers have made a number of amazing pieces dedicated to their favorite pocket monsters. Pokemon artwork continues to flow as fans keep honoring one of their favorite franchises that is not stopping any time soon.

One of the main types of Pokemon art is drawings, which have flourished over the years. Gamers regularly generate unique works of the various pocket monsters from the series, coming up with different ways of displaying the creatures. Many artists do a great job of showing their love for Pokemon, especially when they go out of the box and illustrate art in styles that very few were expecting.


An artist going by the name MediShiki_ has posted an image of a drawing that they did of the Fighting/Steel-Type Pokemon Lucario. The image is mostly a black silhouette of the pocket monster with a star pattern running throughout the piece and a small section showing the creature’s intimidating eye. In the middle of the work is a cutout of Riolu, Lucario’s pre-evolution. The illustration is really impressive and is a creative way of displaying both of the Pokemon.

The piece that MediShiki_ posted has received a lot of positive feedback. Many users stated that Lucario is their favorite Pokemon and that they enjoyed the work. One commenter said that they would get the image of the Pokemon tattooed on themselves, while another mentioned that the piece would work as a poster. Redditors also brought up that they loved how Riolu was incorporated into the drawing, with one asking if MediShiki_ will do Mega Lucario next and stating that they will have a fan waiting if they decide to.

MediShiki_ is not the only one getting creative with their pocket monster art. An artist known as SpritersBlock drew some of the new creatures from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as sprites from Generation 5. The gamer drew three of the creatures that were recently introduced: Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv. The artwork does a good job of capturing the spirit of the Pokemon as sprites, who are adorable in this style. The art that SpritersBlock did is a nice way of looking back to before the series switched over to 3D models and harkens back to the classic games that many players grew up with over the years.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

Source: Gamerant

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