Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Cubone Terrarium

A Pokemon fan shows off a beautiful terrarium piece that they have been working on that is inspired by the Ground-type pocket monster Cubone.

The Pokemon community seems to continue to be a safe place for its members to share fan art and pieces that they have lovingly created. New artwork, original Pokemon products and merchandise, among others, continue to be posted online by the fanbase. One such fan recently shared a beautiful terrarium piece that they have been working on featuring the Ground-type Cubone, one of the franchise’s popular Gen 1 Pokemon.

It is not surprising for Pokemon fans to upload photos of their latest work on online platforms and forums. Sharing the fandom and having a sense of camaraderie is likely what gives these artists the confidence boost to have their art out in public. With a pocket monster as popular as the Ground-type Cubone, the maker of the terrarium piece likely hoped they would find fellow fans of the Pokemon. Or at least gain feedback and constructive criticism on how to improve the intricate art piece that they were working on.


Sharing a work-in-progress photo of their terrarium on the Pokemon subreddit, user DepartureWeary posted in the caption that they were loving their own work. In the photo, Cubone’s skull is placed on some moss-like material under the domed glass. A rose and some mushrooms complete the beautiful Pokemon terrarium piece, making it look like a shrine dedicated to the Ground-type Pokemon. Unfortunately, DepartureWeary did not post any details on how they were able to replicate Cubone’s skull so accurately nor what materials they used for their creation.

Comments on the Reddit thread shared the artist’s love for the terrarium. Some stated that the terrarium looked cool and beautiful. One particular commenter mentioned how they would have liked seeing the artist use a Paras mushroom or the flower from Grass-type Kanto Pokemon Venausar under the glass dome instead of normal-looking flora. Another Pokemon fan retorted to this comment by saying that the rose in the terrarium looks reminiscent to the ones that a Roselia Pokemon has at the end of their arms.

Though this is not the first Pokemon terrarium piece created by a fan, this seems to be DepartureWeary’s first time doing so. With every original fan art or item being very personal to every artist, it is probably very important for the Redditor to know what their fellow Pokemon fans think of their piece. Hopefully more fans will see the thread, share wholesome and constructive comments, so that the artist can complete the terrarium piece and feel pride in what they have accomplished.

Source: Gamerant

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