Pokemon Fan Makes Funny Dialga Animation

A Pokemon fan showcases a funny new animation featuring popular legendary Pokemon Dialga in a humorous and cute way.

Pokemon fans love to express their enjoyment of the franchise through fanart. While some will produce paintings or create digital art of their favorite characters, others share their love through the medium of animation.

Pokemon fan animations are a popular way for several artists to engage with the franchise. One of the most recent examples is an animation featuring a popular legendary Pokemon.


A user on Reddit known as DarkAngel216 showcased their recent animation of the legendary Pokemon Dialga to the Pokemon Subreddit. This amusing piece of animation features the temporal Pokemon standing in a white void appearing neutral, before launching into a comical expression and screaming towards the sky. DarkAngel216 notes that creating the animation took 8 hours over the course of a few days complete with getting the perfect sketches being what took up the largest amount of time. They produced the animation with the Procreate software while using Wondershare Filmora to edit a version with sound.

Many Pokemon fans expressed their appreciation and enjoyment of DarkAngel216’s animation, enjoying the comical take on the popular legendary Pokemon. While this is the most recent animation produced by DarkAngel216, they have created several pieces of Pokemon fan content before such as animations featuring the grass and flying-type Pokemon Rowlet and water-type Vaporeon. Other franchises that DarkAngel216 produces fan art for include Monster Hunter and The Lion King.

One of the most amusing things concerning DarkAngel216’s Dialga animation is that the legendary from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has a signature move known as Roar of Time. This is a fearsome move that has the capacity to distort time in the area Dialga aims the attack. This is amusing as the animation can be interpreted as a comical version of Dialga’s signature attack with the pocket monster screaming towards the enemy in a whimsical fashion. This is an idea many fans seem to resonate with as several amateur animators have produced their own interpretations of a Dialga performing Roar of Time.

Pokemon fan animations are a popular way for players to showcase their favorite pocket monster in a new light. Some have chosen to animate moments from Pokemon titles that they particularly enjoy while others follow in the footsteps of DarkAngel216 and produce humorous animations of their favorite Pokemon. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releasing this coming November, fans are sure to create several new animations featuring the new Pokemon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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