Pokemon Fan Makes Funny Animation of a ‘Gamer’ Snorlax

A Pokemon fan makes a funny animation showing what it would be like if Snorlax were a gamer, complete with a nice reference.

A Pokemon fan created a fun animation of Snorlax as a gamer. Although the Pokemon franchise targets a younger audience, in practice, the Pokemon universe has become famous for captivating an older age group of fans.

With over 1,000 Pokemon and countless characters that fans have come to know over decades of the franchise, there is no shortage of choices of favorites for Pokemon fans. Some names, however, have become so beloved that they have won over fans of all generations, as is the case with Snorlax. The Generation 1 Normal-type evolves from Munchlax when leveled up with high friendship, turning into what is a giant cat and a great choice for competitive Pokemon battles. Snorlax appears in all but Gen 9 games and is known for sleeping in inconvenient places. In the anime, its most notable appearance is Ash’s Snorlax, the second Pokemon captured by the trainer.


User MaoAankh shared on Reddit a fun animation that shows what it would look like if Snorlax were a gamer. In the animation, Snorlax is sitting in front of a computer typing, wearing a headset and black prescription glasses. Snorlax drinks a can similar to an energy drink and has a beard, making him look similar to a middle-aged gamer. The star of Normal-type Pokemon also wears a shirt with a funny reference. On Snorlax’s shirt is printed Meowscarada, the final form of Sprigatito, one of the Gen 9 starters. The shirt also has the number 908 written on it, which is Meowscarada’s entry in Pokedex.

MaoAankh did not reveal what program was used to create the animation of the Snorlax gamer, but the user’s post on the Gaming subreddit became a hit. The Snorlax gamer received 14,000 upvotes and nearly 300 comments, making it one of the most popular posts of the moment from this subreddit. While Snorlax has already received adorable versions, this one was met with much humor by other users, who defined the Pokemon as a “typical Reddit mod” and an “average Discord mod.”

Snorlax is one of the most fun Pokemon in the initial 150 because of the combination of its appearance and personality. Although a Snorlax in real life could be scary, the Pokemon has a gluttonous and lazy manner, very similar to a hibernating bear. Its habit of constantly sleeping can also be vaguely associated with cats. Despite this, Snorlax is very strong and surprisingly agile, with one of the Gigantamax forms considered among the strongest. Ash’s Snorlax is also remembered for its affectionate and loyal personality, making this undeniably a great favorite of Pokemon fans.

Source: Gamerant

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