Pokemon Fan Gets Incredible Handcrafted Poke Ball From Grandfather

A lucky Pokemon fan is gifted an amazing handcrafted Poke Ball made of hardwood from their grandfather, and it resembles Hisuian Voltorb.

While for many Pokemon players the in-game experience concludes once they manage to “catch them all,” other fans are not done collecting even outside of the games. There is plenty of Pokemon cards, gadgets, plushes, and a plethora of different categories for merchandise – both official and unofficial. Some players like to make their own Pokemon memorabilia, such as the fan-made Pokemon card that combines Charizard and Venom from the MCU in a gorgeous and very creepy design.


Others even went as far as making their own Pokemon games or designing remakes of their favorite titles, maybe reimagining Pokemon Red and Blue‘s iconic region in a 3D perspective, or even conceiving alternative regional forms for some of the critters. Sometimes Pokemon fans even start their own projects, like Pokemon Flux, to create an entirely new region with its own set of starters, national Pokedex, and Gym Leaders. And yet, one of the most beautiful things to make are handmade Pokemon items, be it gifts from someone else or self-made.

A Reddit user by the name of Dizzy-Distribution-5 shared a short clip of an incredible handcrafted Poke Ball they received from their grandfather, which also sports a functioning button in the middle of it. The Poke Ball is entirely made of hardwood, and it’s still perfectly shaped and hand-painted to look like regular Poke Balls from the game series, with a red top and a white-ish bottom with wood veins visible. Because the Poke Ball is made of wood and it shows it, other Pokemon fans were quick to make the connection with Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ own Poke Balls, which were made at a time where Hisuian people hadn’t developed technology all that much.

This also means that the handcrafted Poke Ball is also perfect for when Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released because of Hisuian Voltorb, a new regional form for the Gen 1 critter. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, in fact, Voltorb will be an Electric/Grass hybrid Pokemon, taking on the wooden nature of the Poke Balls in Hisui.

A recent Pokemon Legends: Arceus video showed the different seasons of the Hisui region, and it’s likely that Hisuian Voltorb will enjoy spring and summer more than the frigid temperatures of winter. The Poke Ball crafted for Dizzy-Distribution-5 will likely endure all seasons regardless, as long as it finds a great spot indoors on its complimentary handcrafted stand, which the Redditor shared a picture of in the comment section of the post.

Source: Gamerant

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