Pokemon Fan Designs Water-Type Regi


  • Pokemon fans have embraced the creativity of a fan who designed a Water-type Regi called Regitube, made up of rubber rings.
  • The fan art of Regitube received a warm reception from the Pokemon community, with fans praising the artist’s creativity and wanting to see it added to the games.
  • While Regitube is not a reality in Pokemon games, fans can still enjoy the Legendary Titans in other titles from before Generation 9.

A creative Pokemon fan has designed a Water-type Regi that has become a hit on social media. Every generation, Pokemon fans meet new Legendaries representing the region where the games take place. As well as being extremely powerful, these Pokemon have stories that live up to their status within the Pokemon universe.

One of these Pokemon is the Regis, a group Regigigas created in its image. Known as Legendary Titans, Regi Pokemon represent the materials they originated from, with Regice referring to ice, Regirock to rock, and Registeel to steel. With the release of the Crown Tundra DLC, Pokemon introduced fans to Regieleki and Regidrago, two Legendaries that were created from electricity and crystallized dragon energy. Regi are powerful Pokemon with a curious origin, which sparks the creativity of Pokemon fans to make new Regi types. That’s what one fan did, and the result got the hearts of the Pokemon community.


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Pokemon Fan Shows What a Water-Type Regi Would Look Like

Twitter user TheYisusOne has created a new Water-type Regi called Regitube. The player shared a short video showing a blue Pokemon made up of rings and eyes made from dots. In a second video, they show the beginning of a battle in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The player spots a level 16 Regitube and then throws their Eelektross 50 to battle it. Regitube’s creation is inspired by a viral video in which a person covers himself with rubber rings while Regi’s battle theme in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire plays.

Regitube was born from a meme, and fans quickly embraced the idea of a Water-type Regi made up of rubber rings. With many players praising the artist’s creativity, several comments expressed their desire to see Regitube added to the Pokemon games. Twitter user Magnedeth went further and developed “lore-accurate stats” for Regitube, while Daydreamerdan_ gave the Pokemon a category, type, and a creative Pokedex entry. While this isn’t the first Regi created by the Pokemon community, the artist thanked the warm reception and showed surprise at seeing “how far a silly Pokemon joke has gone.”

TheYisusOne’s fan art is impressive and amusing, as this wouldn’t be the first Pokemon to have a silly design. With its huge success, Pokemon fans also would have no trouble imagining Regitube having access to moves like Hydro Cannon, Dive, and Liquidation. But while Regitube isn’t a reality in Pokemon games, fans can find the Legendary Titans in other titles from before Gen 9.

Source: Gamerant

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