Pokemon Fan Designs Saw Form for Rotom

Just in time for Halloween, a Pokemon fan creates and showcases a concept featuring a Saw Form for Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon.

In the spirit of Halloween, and just before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a Pokemon fan artist created a Saw Form concept for the Pokemon known as Rotom. The artist shared their work on social media, including how it looks compared to other forms of Rotom that have appeared in the Pokemon series.

The Plasma Pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS in 2007, yet its appliance-based forms were added later in 2009’s Pokemon Platinum. In recent entries, Rotom served as the PokeDex for players, dubbed the “Rotom Dex” as of the seventh generation. The base form of Rotom is an Electric/Ghost dual-type Pokemon. In the fourth generation of games, Rotom is located in the OId Chateau, located within Eterna Forest, after the player character reached a certain point in the game. When exploring it, the player may come across and interact with an old TV, starting the encounter with Rotom. Only one Rotom per save file may be obtained this way.


The artist behind this Rotom concept is a Reddit user known as Haychel, who posted their handiwork on Reddit and Twitter. Haychel gave Saw Form Rotom the Electric/Steel dual-type, leaning into the mechanical appearance of their art. In their post, Haychel stated that Saw Form Rotom was inspired by Pochita from Chainsaw Man, an anime and manga series that has surged in popularity since its release in 2020. In Chainsaw Man, Pochita is a cute, demonic character who serves to drive the plot forward for the main protagonist, an indebted man named Denji.

Over the course of the Pokemon game series, there have been different methods to change Rotom’s form into something unique. The most common involves interacting with some old household appliances found during gameplay, such as ones found in a specific house in Pokemon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch. If Rotom is in the party, it can interact with one of five select appliances and undergo a “Form Change” temporarily. This change replaces Rotom’s Ghost-type with a type corresponding to the appliance it takes over, such as a Fire-type for an oven, or a Water-type for a washing machine.

If Saw Form Rotom were an actual Pokemon, it would share similar strengths and weaknesses with other Electric-type and Steel-type Pokemon such as Magnezone. This would theoretically make it strong against Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon but weak to Fire-type and Ground-type attacks, barring a move or ability such as Levitate to negate the latter. Whether this Rotom would be viable in battle or not is open to interpretation. With just a few weeks to go until the ninth generation launches, Pokemon fans have plenty to look forward to.

Source: Gamerant

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