Pokemon Fan Designs Baby Version of Garchomp


  • A talented artist created an adorable baby version of fan-favorite Pokemon Garchomp, which is gaining traction online.
  • The baby Garchomp design retains all the signature features of the fully-grown Pokemon, but with smaller size and rounded edges.
  • Fans are loving the baby Garchomp artwork, joining a trend of baby Pokemon fan art and re-imaginings of Garchomp in different forms.

A talented artist and Pokemon fan has created an adorable baby version of the fan-favorite Pokemon Garchomp, and is sharing it with the online masses. The undeniably cute, infantilized design of the usually fearsome pseudo-legendary creature is catching the eye of more than just a few Pokemon fans, with the post quickly gaining traction.

A Dragon/Ground dual-type – as well as an aforementioned pseudo-legendary – Garchomp is an imposing Pokemon first introduced as part of Pokemon‘s fourth generation. Known as the Mach Pokemon, Garchomp features a draconian design that appears to take design elements from both dragons and a hammerhead shark. Firmly established in the franchise as a fearsomely powerful Pokemon, the rumored Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would’ve made Garchomp nigh unbeatable, but a rumor was all it ended up being.

The delightful drawing of the baby version of Garchomp comes from Reddit user chewmai_, who posted their endearing artwork to one of the site’s major Pokemon forums. The cutesy drawing features a tiny Garchomp snacking on a banana, which is nearly the same size as them. The baby Garchomp retains all the signature features of its fully-grown counterpart, but all seemingly smaller in size, and with much more rounded edges. The baby Garchomp design, which looks similar to Gible, appears to have been inspired by a very similar real-world photo of a hamster or guinea pig eating a banana.

Baby Garchomp seems to be a hit with plenty of other Pokemon fans, as the post has already garnered well over 1,000 upvotes within just a few hours of being posted. The comments section of the post is filled with nothing but praise as well, with fans commenting things like “adorable,” “love this,” and more. The baby Garchomp is the latest in an ongoing trend of baby Pokemon fan art. Another fan made headlines a couple of months ago for redesigning all of the Eeveelutions as babies, which was met with a similarly positive reaction from the fan community.

Fans have also been re-imagining Garchomp in a variety of different forms beyond babies. One Pokemon fan decided to lean into the shark-like elements of the design, and created an impressive Water-type version of Garchomp. The fan-made version turns the Pokemon essentially into a fully-fledged hammerhead shark, getting rid of any actual arms and legs. A clever design, the Water-type Garchomp looks like it could actually exist in Pokemon canon as a regional form. With the constant output of Pokemon fan art, it should be interesting to see what form Garchomp takes next.

Source: Gamerant

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