Pokemon Fan Designs Adorable New Eevee Evolution Inspired by Snorlax

Eevee has grown to become one of the most iconic creatures within the world of Pokemon, so much so that one fan of the series has created their own evolution for the Pokemon which is themed around the fan-favorite sleeping Pokemon, Snorlax. Eevee’s several different evolutions have long provided inspiration for artistic Pokemon fans who have come up with countless fanmade forms for the Pokemon since its last official evolution was introduced back in 2013.


Although Eevee has been around since the earliest titles in the Pokemon series, the adorable evolution Pokemon has only enjoyed more and more attention over the two and a half decades since Pokemon Red and Blue were released. Eevee’s most iconic attribute, its ability to evolve into multiple different forms, has made room for plenty of extra “eeveelutions” to be added over the 9 generations of core-series Pokemon games. Such eeveelutions include Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon, each of which can be obtained by evolving an Eevee under different circumstances or by using different items.

With the most recent evolved form, Sylveon, being introduced almost a decade ago with Pokemon X and Y, many fans have since taken to designing their own custom eeveelutions. Many of these fanmade forms imagine what Eevee would look like if it evolved into a type not seen in its existing evolutions, but one fan named psyche0415 on Reddit has shared a design of their own which features the Pokemon fused with Snorlax. As unlikely a crossover as it may be, “Snoreon” quickly gained the attention of others in the community, who began speculating what sort of moves and specialties the Pokemon might have in-game. Unlike many computer-generated Pokemon fusions seen online, this adorable design appears to have been illustrated by its creator.

Snorlax is another of the most easily-recognizable Pokemon in the franchise thanks to both its lazy attitude as well as its surprising capability in battles, and has recently become another mascot for the franchise following the in-depth reveal of Pokemon Sleep on Pokemon Day 2023. This level of popularity seems to be one of the only features that it shares with Eevee, as the fluffy evolution Pokemon shared the spotlight with Pikachu in the Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! games.

The Let’s Go! games appear to have been one-offs for the franchise, though, and surprisingly, Eevee hasn’t seen a single new official evolution for nearly a decade now. The latest games in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, have seen the total roster of Pokemon exceed 1,000, and while many fans are excited to see how future Eevee forms might take advantage of different types, players will likely need to content themselves with their own designs for some time yet.

Source: Gamerant

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