Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Paradox Form for Primarina

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has created a Paradox form for Primarina. Similarly to how Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced regional variants, fans have been captivated by the concept of Paradox Pokemon. As these creatures are a glimpse of what could be pocket monsters of the past and the future, it’s easy to see why players would imagine what the ancestors or successors to their favorite critters would be like. Much like how one fan has created Paradox versions of all of the Regi Pokemon, one fan has created a Paradox Primarina with a stunning amount of detail.


Primarina is the fully evolved form of one of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s starters, Poplio. This mermaid-like creature is known for seeing every battle as a stage in which it’s a songstress. Primarina uses its voice as its weapon, and it’s up to the trainer to help it maintain the health of its vocal cords every day. As a result, it makes sense for a futuristic Paradox Primarina to be known as “Iron Melody.”

Iron Melody was designed by @OnduRegion on Twitter, an account specifically dedicated to fan-made Pokemon for a region based on Honduras with Latin and Mayan culture as additional inspiration. While it isn’t entirely clear what role Iron Melody plays in their region specifically, the artwork for Iron Melody is accompanied by multiple dex entries, ability information, stats, and even a move pool. Not only is the design gorgeous to look at, but OnduRegion goes far and beyond to give Iron Melody enough detail to where fans can easily imagine it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Players are adoring Iron Melody, showering OnduRegion with plenty of compliments that they’d love to see the paradoxical mermaid in a real Pokemon title. Hilariously enough, one fan has pointed out that while they adore the design, the tail reminds them of a particular enemy from the Mega Man Battle Network games, Trumpy. It may be due to the way that Iron Melody’s tail looks like a speaker or the bell of a trumpet, but the Pokemon’s tail is described by Ondu Region as serving a different purpose for creating electrically-charged bubbles as a special move.

Unfortunately, many fans feel that while Iron Melody is an impressive concept for a Paradox Pokemon, it’s very unlikely that a starter like Primarina and Poplio would ever get a Paradox form. It’s more likely for Primarina to get a special Tera Form, if the sea lion-like critter is put into the games. Currently, none of Poplio’s evolutionary line are available in Generation 9, but like the case with Scorbunny and Cinderace, that could change with a future Tera Raid, if fans of Primarina are lucky.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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