Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Paradox Forms for Kanto Starters

One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has taken Paradox Pokemon to the next level with creative new forms for Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. While many fans have been enjoying creating Paradox variants for their favorite critters, such as Pokemon X and Y’s Noivern, these new forms don’t exactly focus on futuristic technologies or previous ancestors. Instead, one fan decided it would be much more interesting to create special creatures based on what could have been, using the concepts of how the past hoped the future would look.


As a result, the idea behind these new Paradox Kanto starters is that they come from a parallel timeline alongside the main Pokemon games. These three would be the starters available in the Pallet Town found in that timeline, and they resemble fantastical concepts that have faded into fiction or became outdated once science provided any alternatives. These Paradox forms are named after classic locations from Pokemon Red and Blue, namely the cities.

The artist, miscfionn on Twitter, explains in the comments on Reddit as to what each one represents. The Bulbasaur, known as Vermillion Bulb, was designed after solarpunk and steampunk ideas; meant to be a Bulbasaur that creates light rather than surviving off of photosynthesis. Vermilion Tail, the Charmander, was inspired by outdated ideas of aliens looking more like fairies. While fitting, the type change for Vermillion Tail is rather interesting as the Fairy-Type wasn’t in Pokemon until Generation 6. Lastly, Paradox Squirtle was named Cerulean Shell, and was designed to represent the Space Age.

Fans are loving the concepts and the ideas of Paradox Pokemon from parallel timelines rather just the future or the past. Some other players have been using the concepts to think about what other Pokemon like Pikachu and Eevee would look like in this strange new Kanto. Other fans are hoping that Fionn makes evolved forms for these creatures someday, which would certainly be interesting to see.

These forms are certainly some incredibly unique fan-made Paradox Pokemon, and the thought that went into them is just as great as the artwork. While discussing the concepts with other fans, Fionn even stated that the specific Kanto cities that they chose for the names was based on where these starters could be obtained in Pokemon Yellow, which adds even more depth to the designs.

However, there is a rather strong running theory about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet where the Paradox Pokemon aren’t actually from the future or the past, and were instead created by a machine that makes imagined things real. This puts a bit of a hole in Fionn’s alternative Pallet Town idea, but if the franchise ever wishes to dabble in alternative timelines, starters similar to miscfionn’s would be a great way to visit the concept.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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