Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Legendary Version for Pidgeot

A Pokemon fan artist has created an incredible Legendary version of Pidgeot in an animated video. The pigeon line of Pokemon is a surprisingly popular one, though it’s not necessarily as celebrated in the Pokemon fan art community as others. Yet that also makes it a perfect option for some unique and surprising art. Doing a Legendary version of Pidgeot isn’t something many Pokemon fans would have expected, yet seeing it in motion makes clear just how great of an idea it is.


Despite being based on a relatively common and nondescript animal like the pigeon, the Pidgey line of Pokemon has quite a number of fans. Two big reasons for that include that Pidgey is one of the first Pokemon many trainers will collect in the first generation of Pokemon games. Nostalgia has rooted Pidgey in the collective Pokemon fan consciousness. The second reason is that Pidgey is one of the first Pokemon Ash collects in the Pokemon anime, playing a key role in many of Ash’s early adventures before it was eventually released as a Pidgeot.

Reddit user MrFrtc appears to be one such fan of Pidgeot. They’ve gone so far as to create their own custom Legendary version of Pidgeot, a gold and white bird with glowing purple and blue accents. Like many other Legendary Pokemon throughout the years, this Legendary Pidgeot features ascendant qualities that make them appear clearly something more than just another typical Pokemon.

MrFrtc wasn’t content just to design their Legendary Pidgeot, however. They went the extra mile and fully rendered and animated the unique Pokemon, sharing a video of their creation online. Not only can Pokemon fans see the Legendary Pidgeot flying through the air, but can see how their ethereal aspects sparkle and cast off magical essence in the wind. The video also shows the Legendary Pidgeot in the dark, so their glowy bits stand out.

For Pokemon fans hoping to learn more about the Legendary Pidgeot, MrFrtc provides some further information in his responses. Their Legendary Pidgeot is a Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon, a shift from its typical Normal/Flying-type. It’s also based on the Mega form of Pidgeot, as seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

The Legendary Pidgeot design was created for a Pokemon fan-game contest, a French project named Tales of Dawn. But this isn’t MrFrtc’s only Pokemon creation. They also have shared videos of other Pokemon-related 3D art, including a Pokemon game concept and fan videos for a Nuzlocke run. Hopefully, MrFrtc will share more of their Pokemon art in the future.

Source: Gamerant

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