Pokemon Fan Carves Impressive Rayquaza Box for Storing Trading Cards

A Pokemon fan shows off their beautiful wooden carving box dedicated to Rayquaza that allows them to store their trading cards,

A Pokemon fan has carved a beautiful wooden Rayquaza box to hold their trading card collection. Pokemon is one of the biggest media franchises in the world that entertains fans not only with the main game series, as a vast array of other media such as figurines, plush toys, and trading cards can also make a Pokemon fan’s day.

The world of Pokemon trading cards is famous for generating unusual stories, ranging from cards being sold for impressive amounts to Pokemon cards being stolen by people. Pokemon cards also captivate dedicated collectors around the world and have their own competitive scene. Players and collectors spare no effort to get the best Pokemon trading cards for their collections. Many cards also have variants, and these variants generate beautiful Pokemon card artwork that can greatly increase their value.


User FrigginBoomT shared on Reddit the video showing his wood carving of a Jumanji-style box for storing Pokemon trading cards. In the center of the box is carved Rayquaza, the powerful Generation 3 Dragon-type Pokemon who is the master of Groudon and Kyogre. Rayquaza appears with a powerful gaze and is stylized in a way reminiscent of Dragon Ball‘s Shenron. Alongside Rayquaza are Venusaur, Charizard, and Bulbasaur, the final forms of the Kanto starters, along with Pikachu. Like Rayquaza, the four Pokemon appear with equally powerful looks. The user also carved a series of Pokeballs with Unown inside on the bottom and top of the box.

FrigginBoomT’s post on the Pokemon subreddit has over 2,000 upvotes from users who approved of one of the most powerful competitive Pokemon being depicted in a beautiful piece of art. Among the comments on the post, one user recalled the movie Jumanji starring Robbie Williams in 1995 and theorized about what it would be like if the feature used Pokemon instead of animals. FrigginBoomT specializes in Pokemon wood carvings and sells them on Etsy, a site focused on handmade products.

Rayquaza has received a beautiful rendering in the wooden sculpture made by FrigginBoomT, which highlights its imposing look and importance within the Pokemon universe, with a touch of reference to the iconic Jumanji. This beautiful wooden box would make a great companion for some of Rayquaza’s rarer Pokemon cards. The art produced by FrigginBoomT reminds the world once again that when it comes to creativity, the Pokemon community has a large arsenal of ideas for almost any situation. The result is a massive body of work that makes Pokemon one of the most beloved names in the world.

Source: Gamerant

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