Pokemon Fan Bakes Edible Sweet Buns That Look Like Parasect

A Pokemon fan creates a sweet treat in the form of some baked buns that take the shape of one of the first generation Pokemon.

Recently, a Pokemon fan baked a sweet treat inspired by Parasect, one of the lesser-known monsters originally from the first generation of games. The fan then posted their handiwork on Reddit, where other Pokemon fans praised their work and asked questions about what ingredients they worked with in order to recreate the Parasect into a sweet bun.

Known as the Mushroom Pokemon, Parasect is a Bug and Grass dual-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game Boy. Its most recent appearance was in 2022’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus. With the mushroom on its back growing to outstanding proportions upon evolving at level 24, it is stated in several Pokedex entries that Parasect is actually a host-and-parasite pair with the mushroom itself. In battle, Parasect can use its signature move Spore, along with physical attacks such as Fury Cutter and Cross Poison, to defend itself. However, with quadruple weaknesses to Fire and Flying attacks, and with low speed and HP, Parasect is not exactly one of the strongest Pokemon from the Kanto region. However, that has not stopped Pokemon fans from finding charm in its design.


On the r/Pokemon subreddit, a user named prionosuchus_ created a sweet bun in the image of Parasect known as “melonpan” in Japan. Though it traditionally does not have melon as its main flavor, melonpan, also called a melon roll, is known for having a distinct shape similar to cantaloupe and is usually made with enriched bread dough topped with cookie dough and sweet items such as chocolate chips and various types of syrup. In the pictures posted by prionosuchus_ they used red cookie dough to make Parasect’s mushroom shape and used some excess dough for the front claws. When the rolls were done, they used colored icing to dot Parasect’s eyes and mushroom spots. While Parasect is not considered a food-based Pokemon, some Pokemon fans found the melonpan Parasect to be a tasty treat.

The post from prionosuchus_ on r/Pokemon received over 2.7k upvotes in a two-day span. While other Pokemon fans have made in-game designs for Parasect in the past, a baked version of the Mushroom Pokemon is an uncommon sight. In the comments, other Redditors asked prionosuchus_ how they made the melonpan recipes, and some compared the melonpan to the concha bread found in Mexico and parts of the southwestern US.

With contributions from prionosuchus_ and other artists in the Pokemon community setting the tone, 2023 may be an eventful year for Pokemon. With rumors of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC ramping up, only time will tell if Parasect and other missing Pokemon will appear in the ninth generation.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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