Pokemon Fan Art Imagines a Non-Galar Form Version of Obstagoon

A Pokemon fan shares their idea of what the Dark/Normal-Type pocket monster Obstagoon would look like if it came from anywhere other than Galar.

A Pokemon player shared what they thought Obstagoon would look like if it was from outside the Galar region. Gamers love imagining what various pocket monsters would look like if they were a different type or from a region they do not normally live in. This has led to interesting fan Typings for various Pokemon, many of which could actually work in a game.

Obstagoon is a Dark/Normal-Type Pokemon that first appeared in Generation 8 of the series. It evolves from the Galarian version of the Pokemon Linoone and can only be obtained at night. Obstagoon has the unique move Obstruct, which sees the creature protect itself from the next attack that its opponent attempts. If the opponent makes contact while Obstruct is active, its Defense stat will be lowered.


A Redditor named lumpybags drew their version of a non-Galarian Obstagoon. What the artist came up with is very different than what can be seen Pokemon Sword and Shield. Gone are the long tongue, dark coloring, and wild mohawk. Lumpybags’ Obstagoon is still bipedal, but now has the same color scheme as the original Linoone that made its debut in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It looks much more docile than its Galarian version and would likely be just a straight Normal-Type Pokemon.

Lumpybag’s Obstagoon has gained some fans, with the post currently sitting at over 2,000 upvotes. One commenter said that this an evolutionary line where they love the first stage but hate the final one, though they do feel that lumpybag’s version of Obstagoon is better than the Galarian version. Another user mentioned that this is what the Pokemon looked like before he succeeded in his rock star career in Galar, while another stated that they would actually like to see lumpybag’s form of Obstagoon in the games.

Lumpybag is one of many creating new forms for various pocket monsters. A Reddit user known as CraigRosnerArt imagined what the Greninja evolutionary line would look like as Poison-Types. The colorings of the creatures have been changed to be mostly blue and purple while also receiving spotted patterns on their arms and legs. All three pocket monsters now have golden medallions on their upper chests that have skulls on them. The bubble scarves that Froakie and Frogadier had were altered to pink, while Greninja’s was made to be more rugged. The creature was also given a large gold shuriken on its back. Lumpybag and CraigRosnerArt both did a good job of imagining different forms for various Pokemon that we already know and love.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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