Pokemon Fan Accidentally Sends Rare Charizard Card Through the Washer

A Pokemon trading card collector discovers their prized Charizard Holo card went through the washing machine.

While the Pokemon trading card game has been popular in its own right for decades, the cards themselves are quite a commodity, even for those who don’t play the game. Rare Pokemon trading cards can often sell for anywhere from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands, depending upon a variety of factors.

As with other collectible card games, the condition of the card is often just as important as what the card is. Cards in brand new condition can sell for a bundle, but the more damaged the card is, the more the value takes a hit. Unfortunately for one collector, their Charizard holo trading card isn’t worth what it once was.


TikTok user @im.ivy.r frequently shares their new card acquisitions with fans on the video platform, and Charizard was no exception. However, the excitement over the card’s rarity and worth was quickly derailed a few days after Ivy introduced the card to fans, when a new video was uploaded showing a Pokemon card face-down in the washing machine following a load. Ivy, horrified, records their reaction as they pick it up and flip it over, only to reveal that the ruined Pokemon trading card is the valuable Charizard Holo.

The card in question appears to be a Holo Charizard EX Crystal Guardians Delta Species. Holographic Pokemon trading cards typically have a higher worth than standard cards, but in this case, this particular card is seen as going for sale on sites like eBay often for hundreds of dollars, increasing depending upon its condition. According to Ivy, the Charizard Holo was initially in Near Mint condition, which is about as good as it gets.

Subsequent videos from Ivy have shown them responding to comments and attempting to salvage the card using techniques like absorbing the moisture with rice. However, it appears that the card is visibly rippled now. While Ivy may be able to resell it for at least some money, it’s likely to only be worth a fraction of its original value.

Dedicated Pokemon card collectors usually take steps to protect their cards as much as possible. Unfortunately, it seems this one was in a pocket prior to being washed, unnoticed it until it was too late. It’s a sobering reminder to fellow collectors to take special care with any valuable trading cards in their collection, or they might find themselves in the same situation as this collector did.

Source: Gamerant

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