Pokemon Animation Shows Creepy Interaction With Marowak

A Pokemon fan creates an animation that showcases a creepy interaction between a trainer and the ground-type Pokemon Marowak.

Marowak is a ground-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Red and Green in 1996. The evolution of Cubone, this Pokemon’s claim to fame is a brutal and somber story centering around its demise at the hands of Team Rocket. Leaving its baby alone in the world while it haunts the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

This tale has inspired several Pokemon fan artists to produce their own creepy content around the creature. While some produce digital art of Marowak or craft sculptures for other creepy-looking Pokemon, one Pokemon fan decided to showcase the terror of encountering the Bone keeper Pokemon when out in the wild.


A content creator on TikTok by the name of Revival produced a 3D animated short video demonstrating an encounter with Marowak. The video sees a trainer in a desolate wasteland spot the Marowak from behind a rock they’ve hidden behind. Marowak takes notice of the trainer while they work up the courage to throw a Great Ball at the Pokemon. However, before the trainer can attempt the capture, they’re hit by a thrown bone as the video cuts out.

The video itself features no background music; instead, viewers will only hear the ambient sounds of buzzing insects and the heavy breathing of the trainer. While this is one of the more recent videos produced by Revival, this content creator has not only created a video for Marowak’s pre-evolution Cubone but, several other animations for other Pokemon such as Gengar, Snorlax, and the Legendary Pokemon Mew.

Something fans may appreciate about Revival’s animations is their unsettling nature. While the Pokemon franchise is aimed toward younger audiences, aspects of the games can be perceived as sinister. Pokemon such as Hypno is the subject of many internet horror stories and creepypastas that some Pokemon fans enjoy sharing. This can be seen through official material as well as the Pokedex, which has become somewhat infamous for multiple of its entries describing the horrifying habits of specific Pokemon. Revival’s videos take that underlying horror and push it to the surface to display what encounters with these monsters could be like.

It is unlikely the official Pokemon franchise will ever commit to making the pocket monsters fully creepy due to them needing to remain as marketable as possible. Still, it appears some fans will find their niche in that corner of the Pokemon fanbase, designing content that displays the sinister and terrifying side of the Pokemon world.

Source: Gamerant

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