Pokemon Animation Includes Every Gym Badge in the Series So Far

A Pokemon fan shares a video that shows off some of the gym badges players earn across the various Pokemon games.

The Pokemon video games offer players many challenges to overcome while becoming Pokemon trainers, with the most straightforward challenge being facing the gym leaders in each region. Every region in the Pokemon franchise has gym leaders who specialize in all kinds of different Pokemon that players must defeat to earn their gym badges.

With so many gym leaders in the Pokemon franchise, every one of them has their own unique gym badge for players to earn and collect. Recently, an online fan made a short animation that displays the various gym badges from several Pokemon video games. The Reddit user CasualThought recently made a post that features the gym badges players earn across multiple regions in the main video games.


The animation itself contains the gym badges from the Kanto region to the gym badges in the Sinnoh region. The video itself isn’t that long, but it shows each gym badge from the first four regions in great detail. The video doesn’t show the specific details of where each gym badge comes from such as their respective region or the gym leaders they are earned from. However, Pokemon fans will be able to spot some of their favorite gym badges that have been recreated in the video.

The video has the gym badges arranged in order from the first to the eighth gym as it rotates the gym badges around in a counterclockwise manner. Each gym badge shown is recreated in excellent detail to resemble how they look in the original video games they debut in. The animation doesn’t have gym badges from all the Pokemon games and is missing the gym badges from the Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar regions. The new region from the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games isn’t included in the fan animation.

The general reception to the animation has been positive with many commenters liking the video and discussing their favorite gym badges that are shown. The animation’s maker CasualThought did respond to the suggestion of recreating the Pokemon gym badges for the rest of the regions from the games. They stated that it would be nice to do, but they thought doing the badges for the first four regions would be the right amount. Plus, recreating 32 gym badges was already a lot to do, and they barely fit into the screen the way they wanted them to. While it’s common to see fan works based on the various Pokemon and characters in the series, it’s a change of pace to see fan work for the gym badges in the Pokemon games.

Source: Gamerant

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