PlayStation User Has Earned a Trophy a Day for 3000 Days Straight

Trophy hunting on PlayStation for many is why they play on the platform, with one fan collecting a trophy a day for 3000 days straight.

For some PlayStation gamers, trophies are a neat background service that may not do much more than help them know what games they’ve played. As for other people, trophy hunting on PlayStation is a passion, with one player showing the extreme of this, having earned at least one trophy daily for 3,000 days in a row.

Trophies made their debut way back during the PS3 days, a few years after Xbox introduced achievements and gamerscore. While Xbox went with a numerical value for its system, where completing harder achievements generally gives players more gamerscore, PlayStation’s trophies are arguably a bit more streamlined, falling into four categories. Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies are earned in accordance to the challenge or significance of particular tasks in games, with Bronze generally being the easiest to get and Gold being the hardest. Obtaining every Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophy in a game will award the player with its Platinum trophy, the ultimate signifier of one’s completion.


Shadiochao shared to the official PlayStation Trophies subreddit their milestone of 3,000 straight days of earning trophies. In their post, Shadiochao includes a screenshot of their profile on the third-party trophy tracking site, True Trophies, which shows information on their streaks. The 3,000 day run goes back to October 25, 2013 when they got the Platinum trophy in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3, a Platinum trophy that is now impossible to earn. During this legendary streak Shadiochao accumulated 20,270 trophies, with their next highest streak being 19 days and 105 trophies long.

In the comments of the post, Shadiochao answers some questions about the run and their thoughts on the accomplishment. When asked whether they would keep easy-trophy games incomplete as a back up for when playing other games, Shadiochao states, “Yeah, and that’s kind of the reason I’m thinking of ending the streak at 3000. Recently I’ve been having to play or start easy games to get the daily trophy more and more often, whereas before I’d be playing something anyway and unlock something without trying.” They also address many people’s concerns by confirming they do have a PS Vita to which they earned trophies on when they couldn’t be on a main console.

This achievement is one that will probably last for a very long time, and will take a lot of effort for someone to beat if wanting to start. One can imagine then Shadiochao’s anxiety of being somewhere in the middle-2000s with a new day on the horizon and no trophy to show for it. The craziest part is that because of the new trophy ranking system implemented in 2020, Shadiochao probably isn’t even at the maximum level. While they likely had fun doing this challenge, they will probably also enjoy just being able to play on PlayStation for the fun of it once again.

Source: Gamerant

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