PlayStation Plus Deal Lets New Subscribers Get 12 Months for Cheap

Anyone looking to sign up for Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service on PS4 or PS5 can do so at a big discount for a limited time.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is required for one to fully enjoy their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. After all, a PlayStation Plus subscription is a requirement for anyone that wants to play their PS4 or PS5 games online, plus the service gets players a batch of free games every month. Even so, it stands to reason that some PS4 and PS5 users may have let their PS Plus subscription lapse, or may have never bothered to sign up for the service at all.


Luckily, new and returning PS Plus subscribers can now sign up for a fraction of the usual cost. Typically, a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription runs about $60, but a limited-time deal lets new and returning users get 12 months for just $29.99. The deal is available until December 19 at 11:59pm PT, so anyone interested in signing up for PlayStation Plus at a big discount should make sure to do so while they still can.

Unfortunately, this offer is not valid to existing PlayStation Plus subscribers, but they should have multiple opportunities throughout the coming year to get 12 month PS Plus codes cheap, which can then stack with their existing subscriptions. Just recently, PS Plus was on sale for Black Friday, and it will likely go on sale at different points throughout 2022 as well.

As previously mentioned, a PS Plus subscription is really required for one to get the most out of their PlayStation consoles. For most gamers, the main draw of a PS Plus subscription is probably the ability to play online multiplayer games, but others may be more enticed by the free game offerings. Typically, PS Plus subscribers are able to claim three free games every month, usually consisting of two PS4 titles and one PS5 game.

However, there are some exceptions to that rule. For example, Sony is currently offering three free bonus PlayStation VR games to go along with the other offerings as a way to celebrate the headset’s fifth anniversary. Anyone interested in claiming those bonus free PS Plus games will need to do so soon, as the offer will expire after January 3, 2022.

That’s also the timeframe that PS Plus subscribers need to claim the free PS Plus games for December 2021 within if they want to add those to their collection. There’s been some controversy about the free PS Plus games for December 2021, so it will be interesting to see what form the free PS Plus games for January 2022 take.

Source: Gamerant

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