PlayStation Gamer Shares Nostalgic Image Showcasing Classic PS2 Save Icons


  • PlayStation fans reminisce about the iconic memory card save icons from the PlayStation 2, sparking nostalgic memories of the console’s popularity.
  • The PlayStation 2 was known for its affordability and backward compatibility with PS1 games, as well as being a popular DVD player.
  • A Reddit user shared an image of over a hundred unique PS2 save icons, including rare ones from games like Bully, receiving appreciation from fellow fans.

A PlayStation fan took gamers on a trip down memory after they posted a picture of some of the icons used by the PlayStation 2’s memory cards that indicated the saved data of many games. In response to the picture, other PlayStation fans shared memories of their own from the console that took the 2000s by storm.

With thousands of games that were released on Sony’s second console, the PlayStation 2 remains among the top-selling consoles of all time. Though it was the first console within Sony’s repertoire to support online play, the PS2 was better known for being an affordable DVD player at its initial $300 price tag, and for having backward compatibility with a majority of PS1 games, memory cards, and accessories. PS2 users could access their memory card data by starting the console without a disc inserted, selecting the browser option, and then selecting the memory card they want to check. Even though thousands of games were available on the PS2, some game save icons stood out above the rest.

On Reddit, a user named sworedmagic posted an image with over a hundred unique PS2 save icons on the Gaming subreddit. Starting at the top row of the picture were the icons from the top PS2 games Square Enix made, including Final Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest 8. From then on, the OP based the rows of icons by genre, with RPGs and Action games toward the top of the list and Sports games near the bottom. Icons from games such as Devil May Cry, Ape Escape 2, and Onimusha were posted at the bottom as they were “facing deletion” in the OP’s own words. In a “cheater’s shame corner” on the bottom right were the icons for the Game Shark, Action Replay, and XPort devices.

Though most of the icons were from some of the PS2’s most-known titles, the OP’s image also had the save icon from Bully displayed front and center. As one of the rarest PS2 games on the market, Bully is considered a cult classic among fans of Rockstar Games. In the comments on Reddit, users thanked sworedmagic for the post. Though the post covered only a fraction of the games available on the PS2, some users pointed out which icons were their favorites.

Even though the PS2 has been succeeded by three more consoles, Sony continues to show the PS2 era some attention by way of PlayStation Plus Premium titles available each month. What titles will get shown off on Sony’s service next is anyone’s guess.

Source: Gamerant

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