PlayStation Fan Makes Custom Cards to Celebrate their Platinum Trophies

One of the biggest allures of gaming on PlayStation is its trophy system, with very few feelings surpassing that of achieving a hard-earned Platinum. For most, the Platinum itself is enough of a reward, but one PlayStation fan takes it one step further, making beautiful custom cards that embody the sacred trophies.

In the same way that Xbox’s Achievements generally increase in the Gamerscore given as the tasks become more challenging, on PlayStation it is typically the trophy type that increases with difficulty. Bronze, Silver, and Gold comprise the basic trophies, the tendency being for games to be loaded with Bronze, have a handful of Silvers, and just two or three Golds. When all of these trophies are earned, players are rewarded with the coveted Platinum trophy, a token of their work in completing all the game’s challenges. Obviously though, games vary in difficulty, and as such, some Platinums are much easier to get than others.


Reddit user rodders1013 recently shared their impressive collection of handmade Platinum trophy cards created every time they earn a new one. “How do you all show off your Platinums?” rodders1013 asks in the title of their post on r/Trophies, the official subreddit for trophy enthusiasts to discuss this aspect of PlayStation. The post includes multiple images of their creations, starting with 3×3 gallery of Platinum cards that include its name, icon, date earned, rarity percentage, and game art. To see rodders1013’s full post, click here.

platinum cards

According to rodders1013, they have “always enjoyed making real versions” of their Platinums, and this is surely evidence of that. Rodders1013 has amassed Platinum trophies for many games including PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Marvel’s Spider-Man, as well notable third-party releases like Far Cry 6 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

They don’t seem to have a problem with hard Platinums either, having earned the Platinum for Grand Theft Auto 5, arguably one of the hardest PS4 games to Platinum. In addition to the cards, rodders1013 makes wall art of the Platinum icons.

A common trend by users on the Trophies subreddit is to share mosaics of their Platinums, becoming more and more impressive as the number of them increases. While rodders1013 could likely do this and still share an impressive collection, to them, those physical cards are just as important a part of the Platinum process, it being something that only they have. They write in one of the replies, “Some games are like 100 hours of my life! I want to celebrate what I enjoy,” and this is certainly doing that.

If PlayStation ever made a program for people to physically share their Platinums, it should reach out to rodders1013 because they’re onto something.

Source: Gamerant

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