Phasmophobia ‘Cursed Possessions’ Update Rolling Out Today

Phasmophobia became one of the most popular horror games of 2020, and now a Christmas update is coming, with it rolling out within the next few hours.

A simple browse around the likes of Twitch, and it won’t be long before viewers will come across a slew of streamers levelling themselves up in Kinetic Games’ ghost-hunting title Phasmophobia. It was one of the most popular horror games of 2020, winning paranormal fans over with its array of ghost catching instruments, its team-based mentality, and its propensity to scare even the more seasoned horror gamer. The studio is always looking to add and improve its IP, and now a new update is coming in time for the holidays.


According to a recent tweet from the studio itself, Phasmophobia will be getting a new patch that’s rolling out sometime today. The image uploaded along with the tweet says that the “Cursed Possessions” update will be available from 4pm GMT, which is 8am PST, 10am CST, and 11am EST. Not much else has been said in the tweet, other than “Christmas has come early,” but it’s likely that there will be some new extras being added, including some tarot cards, a summoning circle, and a tortured voodoo doll. There’s also speculation that there may be more ghosts being added to the already extensive roster of other spooks.

Phasmophobia‘s tarot card system was noted recently through a tweet posted by one of the game’s developers. There’s been speculation that these cards could work in a similar way to the corruption and active card system that’s in Back 4 Blood. That being the case, it could potentially mean that players could be given advantages or disadvantages at the start of each game. That’s only a rumor, however, and it could simply be part of the “cursed possessions” that this update is named after. All will be unveiled later on today.

Phasmophobia also had a new map added recently, the first outdoor location for the game. There was also the introduction of a nightmare difficulty, which, as the name suggests, makes hunting for a ghost a lot harder by making apparitions more aggressive, removing many hiding spots, and removing one of the pieces of evidence players need to identify the ghost.

As one of the highest rated games on Steam, what Kinetic Games has on its hands is one of the best indie horror games of the last twelve months. With its unique gameplay elements, and the fact that it’s popular with streamers, it’s hardly surprising that the studio wishes to continue to add to it, tweaking it to make it better, and ensuring fans return for more scares.

Phasmophobia is currently available on Steam. The game is available in VR and non-VR.

Source: Gamerant

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