PewDiePie is Taking a Break from YouTube

In a recent livestream, popular YouTuber PewDiePie confirms that he is taking a break from uploading videos for the month of January 2022.

PewDiePie remains one of the most popular content creators on all of YouTube, with a staggering 111 million subscribers and videos that consistently pull between 2 and 3 million views. Part of PewDiePie’s popularity is his intense upload schedule, releasing YouTube videos on a near daily basis and livestreaming regularly. Traditionally, PewDiePie takes a break from uploading YouTube videos around January of each year, and it seems he’s doing that again for January 2022.


In a recent livestream, PewDiePie said that he was technically already on break and pointed out to his viewers that he usually takes January off. He added that he doesn’t think he’s going to upload any new YouTube videos in January, but denied that he is feeling burnt out. “It’d be nice to just take some time off.” While PewDiePie fans shouldn’t expect him to upload any new YouTube videos this month, it’s possible that he may still livestream occasionally throughout the month.

This is far from the first time that PewDiePie has taken a break from YouTube. As PewDiePie himself pointed out, he typically takes a YouTube break around January each year, returning to his usual video upload schedule around February. So while some hardcore PewDiePie fans may still be disappointed that they won’t have any new videos to watch anytime soon, they can rest easy knowing that he should return in just a few weeks.

Recently, PewDiePie spoke about his views dropping and pointed out how his subscriber count is inflated when compared to his actual audience. He explained that he wasn’t really worried about it because he considers himself “retired.” But even though PewDiePie’s YouTube views may not be quite as massive as they once were, he is still one of the most popular creators on the entire site and that doesn’t seem like it will be changing anytime soon.

PewDiePie’s inflated subscriber count came about due to his high profile feud with T-Series. Basically, T-Series was set to overtake PewDiePie in total number of YouTube subscribers, resulting in a massive fan campaign to keep PewDiePie’s subscriber count ahead of T-Series. This worked for months, but eventually T-Series was able to catch up to PewDiePie’s subscriber count and surpass it.

It will be interesting to see if PewDiePie’s return from his latest YouTube break results in a viewership boost or not. In the meantime, fans of the popular YouTuber can expect him to return to his regular upload schedule next month or thereabouts.

Source: Gamerant

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