Petition to End the Minecraft Mob Vote is Blowing Up


  • Nearly 200,000 Minecraft fans signed a petition urging Mojang to end the Mob Vote system, which allows fans to vote on new mobs to be added to the game.
  • The latest Mob Vote options include a crab, a penguin, and an armadillo, each offering unique benefits to players.
  • The petition argues that the Mob Vote limits the game’s potential for new content and causes disappointment among players.

Nearly 200,000 Minecraft fans have signed a petition asking Mojang to end the game’s Mob Votes. Minecraft Mob Votes give fans the chance to vote on new mobs to make their debut in the wildly popular sandbox game. The mobs that win the vote are added in a future Minecraft update, while the potential mobs that lose the vote are cast aside and generally don’t make it into the game.

The latest Minecraft Mob Vote results will be announced at Minecraft Live on October 15. This year, Minecraft fans get to choose between a crab, a penguin, and an armadillo. Each mob will be adding something special. The crab will give players access to a claw that will give players more range when placing blocks, while the penguin will make boats faster, and the armadillo can be used to craft wolf armor. Needless to say, some Minecraft fans are upset that they aren’t getting all three mobs, and instead only one of these mobs will be added to the game.

This has led nearly 200,000 upset Minecraft fans to sign a petition on demanding that Mojang do away with the Mob Vote and add all the new content to the game. The petition states that the Mob Vote has a negative impact on the community and leaves “fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor.” It also points out the bad feelings that come from being teased with new content that will never make its way into the game. The petition also accuses Mojang of adding less content to Minecraft post-Microsoft acquisition. The petition ends by asking Mojang to add three new mobs to Minecraft each year instead of continuing with the Mob Vote.

Minecraft Mob Vote Petition

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time, and when combining that fact with Microsoft’s acquisition of developer Mojang, it’s clear why fans are frustrated about the Mob Vote. To many, it doesn’t make sense that Mojang needs to limit itself when it comes to adding new content like Minecraft, and instead they would rather see the developer release more substantial Minecraft updates instead of forcing the community to choose what content will make its way into the game.

It doesn’t help that the Minecraft mobs that are part of the 2023 Mob Vote appeal to three different kinds of players. The crab seems like it will benefit builders most, whereas the penguin’s ability is more helpful for explorers. The armadillo and its wolf armor appeals most to combat-oriented Minecraft players that engage more with its survival mechanics. Considering this, it seems that the 2023 Mob Vote will inevitably upset portions of the playerbase. Mojang has yet to respond to the petition at the time of this writing.

Minecraft is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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