Persona is Reopening its Exclusive 25th Anniversary Exhibit

Atlus announces that the Persona 25th anniversary event and exhibit it held last year is opening its doors once again in 2023.

It seems that the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Persona series have yet to end as Atlus announces that the series’ exclusive exhibit in Japan is opening its doors once again in 2023. Filled with information about the Persona series, beautiful photo spots, and more, fans who are able to visit Japan and get tickets to the exhibition will likely enjoy the whole experience.

As with most Persona-themed events and collaborations, fans will likely recall that this specific exhibit was held only in Japan in 2022. Most of Atlus’s collaborations for physical events are restricted to being held in the series’ home country. However, last year, the company was generous enough to upload an online video that gave players an inside look at what was inside the Persona 25th anniversary exhibit. Now, those lucky enough to book a trip and buy tickets to Japan can actually visit and experience the themed displays for themselves.


On Twitter, Atlus shared that the Persona 25th anniversary exhibit is going to open this March 11 to May 7, 2023. This time, the event has been moved to the well-known city of Osaka from its original location of Tokorozawa Sakura Town, likely as a bid to get more of the fanbase to visit. According to the post on the official website, fans should expect to see most of the same that was displayed in last year’s exhibition. This includes displays of life-sized statues of Persona such as Arsene, Thanatos, and Izanagi as well as figures of Persona mascots like Teddie and Morgana.

Official Persona products and merchandise from the original exhibit will also be sold during the event. However, Atlus has shared that it will be selling new goods specifically for the Osaka venue. This means that fans who visit will get the chance to purchase both exclusive products from both events. However, those interested to experience the Persona 25th anniversary exhibit will have to quickly book their tickets. Atlus has posted a calendar of available dates for the event, limiting the number of visitor slots to certain weekends and days during March to May 2023.

Though the Persona series’ official anniversary ended in 2021, it is nice to see that Atlus is still celebrating the occasion with new game updates, real-world events, and merchandise. However, fans are likely hoping that the next few Persona announcements will give them news about a possible sixth title as well as the future of the JRPG franchise.

Source: Gamerant

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