Persona 5 Queen and Oracle Pop Up Parade Figures Announced

Good Smile Company is releasing figures for Persona 5 characters Queen and Oracle for a cool, affordable price through their Pop Up figure line.

Good Smile Company is known for its quality figures, and they usually take on anime characters either as regular figures or in nendoroid form. Good Smile Company just announced new Pop Up figures for the Persona 5 characters Makoto “Queen” Niijima, and Futaba “Oracle” Sakura. Aside from the main character Joker, these Persona 5 characters are pretty popular within the fandom.

In Persona 5, the main characters act as Phantom Thieves, requiring the use of codenames to hide their identities. The characters’ codenames are usually a reflection of their personality. Their appearances also change, and they are given a particular set of clothes to use in the alternate worlds they perform their missions in. Good Smile has already released Pop Up figures for Persona 5 characters Joker and his Persona Arsene, as well as Goro “Crow” Akechi. These figures are based off their appearances in the “Metaverse”.


Queen comes equipped with her skin-tight suit with a leather breastplate, the metal spikes that protrude from her shoulders and boots as well as the metal knuckles she uses for hand-to-hand combat. On the other side, Oracle is a non-combatant; her job is to support the Phantom Thieves by providing navigation through Persona 5‘s “Palaces” or dungeons. Her night vision goggles and neon green suit give her a futuristic look, which works with Oracle’s hacking skills.

These figures will cost buyers $40 USD, and are currently open for pre-order from Good Smile’s website. Good Smile’s Pop Up figure line are smaller and more affordable figures that release soon after their announcement.

Given the popularity of Persona 5, it seems likely that more of these figures will come out for the rest of the Phantom Thieves as well. The other characters aren’t as popular as the four Persona 5 characters that have already received these Pop Up figures, but collectors will likely want to add them to their collection if they’ve bought the other four already.

Given how expensive some figures can get, these Pop Up figures are great for collectors on a budget. These figures still look quite good, and people probably wouldn’t get mocked for owning one. The Persona 5 characters also have longevity given how prevalent they have been in some Persona spin-offs that have released after the original game came out in 2017.

For those who want some higher quality figures can look elsewhere on the Internet. Good Smile and other companies have released other Persona figures before, and even a couple of nendoroids. Anyone interested in grabbing these Pop Up figures can head over to Good Smile’s website and drop a pre-order until February 17th.

Source: Gamerant

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