Persona 5 PC, Xbox Release Will Launch With Over 40 DLCs

Atlus’ Persona 5 recently made gaming headlines when the announcement was made that the JRPG was heading to Windows and Xbox. During the recent 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Atlus revealed that Persona 5 would be one of three titles from the Persona series that will be ported to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Now, the Japanese company has just unveiled that the Xbox and Windows versions of the role-playing game will launch with over 40 pieces of downloadable content.


For PC and desktop owners, Persona 5 is not the first numbered Persona title to be released for the platform. The enhanced port Persona 4 Golden launched on Steam way back in 2012, and the 2D fighting game title Persona 4 Arena Ultimax released on Steam just this March. However, with Persona 5 Royal slated to be launched in October, fans will finally be able to experience another numbered Persona title on their desktops. And with Persona 3 Portable also being remastered, the community will have three different titles from the Persona series to play on their chosen gaming platforms.

In a recent blog post by the official Japanese Persona site, Atlus shared new information about the Xbox and PC release of Persona 5 Royal. According to the post, the game will launch with over 40 DLCs. This includes a variety of different Personas and costumes from characters across the Persona series, item packs that will help boost starting gameplay, and battle challenge content featuring powerful foes. Aesthetic items from other Atlus titles such as Catherine, the Persona Dancing series, and Persona Q2 are also part of the 40 DLCs included in Persona 5 Royal‘s Windows and Xbox launch.

According to Google Translate, the official blog post mentions that the 40 DLCs will be available from the beginning of a player’s playthrough, which may mean that the additional content will already be built into the game. With most of the extra content being aesthetic items like Persona 5 character costumes, it is not likely that players will be extremely overpowered when they start playing through the game.

On Twitter, there are already some discussions about the 40 DLCs that will come with the Persona 5 Windows and Xbox launch. With some fans having bought these DLCs on other platforms where they own the game, Atlus making them available for free on Windows or Xbox can seem a bit unfair. Unfortunately, community members will have to wait until Atlus clears this up on its official social media channels.

Persona 5 is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and will be released on October 21 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Gamerant

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