Peanut Butter for Gamers is a Thing Now

Jobbie Nut Butter and Zotac work together to release a peanut butter made for gamers that includes roasted peanuts, blueberries, and strawberries.

Progressively more gaming-related products have been released since the industry blew up in popularity, and it appears that peanut butter for gamers is now a thing. Jobbie Nut Butter has partnered with Zotac Gaming in order to create a flavorful peanut butter that’s meant to be eaten with a spoon while gaming.

The peanut butter is known as Pong Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch, and it’s apparently meant for gamers. Unlike other peanut butter brands like Jif, Skippy, and Kraft, Jobbie Nut Butter and Zotac Gaming’s Pong peanut butter is full of extra goodies to enjoy. The mix is named after the classic Pong arcade game and includes dry roasted peanuts and chopped-up freeze-dried blueberries and strawberries in a thick peanut mousse.


Most products intended for gamers to ingest are drinks such as Red Bull or G-Fuel that have chemicals like caffeine or taurine in them, but this Pong Berry Mix doesn’t contain any such additives. Caffeine and taurine are typically added to products meant for gamers because of the energy boost that they provide, but based on all the ingredients of the peanut butter, this snack will provide a boost without those extra stimulants. This Jobbie Nut Butter product is primarily available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Scotland, the UK, South Korea, and Taiwan, which suggests that gamers in other areas will have to wait longer for delivery.


Zotac is notable as the company that makes hardware like the Zotac Gaming Amp Holo, intended for use with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and ZBOX Nano CI331 Mini PC, and it reached out to Jobbie Nut Butter to create a gaming-related product. The companies started working together several months ago to refine a peanut butter that’s appropriate for eating at a desk or table with a spoon so that gamers can snack while they play. It’s currently unclear if the Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch is the first of many flavors, or if it will remain an exclusive flavor between Jobbie and Zotac, with potential collaborations with other companies in the future.

According to a listing for the Pong Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch, the berries in the mix provide extra crunch in addition to carotenoids and antioxidants that “promote eye health as well as brain and cognitive functions.” The gamer peanut butter comes in a 380-gram jar with a circuit board design on its label which also has holographic images and three secret. Another company that has appealed to gamers through snacks is Mountain Dew which made promotional drinks for games like Halo 3, various Call of Duty titles, and World of Warcraft.

Source: Jobbie Nut Butter (via Lowyat )

Source: Gamerant

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