Party Board Game-RPG Dokapon Kingdom is Getting Remastered for Nintendo Switch

Cult classic turn-based RPG/party board game hybrid Dokapon Kingdom is getting a remaster on the Nintendo Switch, which adds Online Play.

Idea Factory International reveals that the cult classic turn-based RPG/party board game hybrid, Dokapon Kingdom, is getting a remaster on the Nintendo Switch that adds a number of features like online play. For the uninitiated, the Dokapon series of games is a rather unorthodox combination of gaming genres, which was first released on the Super Nintendo in 1993. Most fans who have heard of the games however would come to know it by the sixth game in the series, Dokapon Kingdom, which was released on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii consoles. This game would get noticed further by YouTube channels like TheRunawayGuys, which played its very extensive campaign mode.


The gameplay of Dokapon Kingdom can be best described as a combination of Mario Party, Dragon Quest, and Monopoly, where players take turns in moving across the board, along with turn-based RPG battles. This includes many ways that Mario Party and Monopoly have a reputation for ruining friendships, where the goal is to come out on top and have the most money by the end. These traits are all emphasized in the trailer released for this remaster, which is known as Dokapon Kingdom Connect.

This trailer starts with a brief overview of this premise, where the King asks the adventurers to defeat the dark forces. Whoever manages to accomplish this task and has the most money at the end will become the next king of Dokapon. It also quickly goes over how to play, where players spin a roulette to move while battling any monsters they encounter. With it being an RPG, there are several Job classes the player can choose from, including the standard Warrior, Thief, and Magician classes many are familiar with, to others that can be reclassed during gameplay.

The game also introduces a number of wacky and memorable side characters, which emphasize how this Switch party game doesn’t take itself all that seriously. This includes a hairstylist, a Goddess, an evil scientist, and a bandit, who can affect the game in many ways. Not only that, but players can also fight each other, with defeated players getting pranked or losing assets to the victor, highlighting the many ways things can get competitive in this game.

The trailer ends with the fact that you can play this Nintendo Switch game by yourself or with a party of four. Not only does the game support local play, but it also supports online play from across the world, hence the “Connect” part of the remaster’s title. While it has a release date set for this April in Japan, the worldwide release is only a 2023 window.

Dokapon Kingdom Connect will launch in 2023 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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