Overwatch Trick Allows Enemy Ashe Players To Be Easily Tracked

During a game of Overwatch, one player discovers a clever trick that counters Ashe’s Dynamite by helping to reveal her approximate location.

While it might be hard to believe, Overwatch is over 5 years old. Despite being played by millions of gamers since launch, players continue to find new tips and tricks to help win skirmishes. Recently, one perceptive player found a clever way of countering Ashe.

Released as one of the DLC heroes for Overwatch in 2018, Ashe is a DPS character with an effective kit. Her Dynamite and accurate Viper semi-automatic rifle can be used together as a deadly combo against enemies. In addition to these abilities, she can use her Coach Gun to blast herself into the air to reposition to higher ground. Using her powerful kit, she can be deadly on the battlefield or, at the very least, rather annoying. Luckily for those having trouble dealing with an opposing Ashe, a counter to her Dynamite has been discovered.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as MagicMeatbal1 shared a tip on beating Ashe players in Overwatch. According to the Reddit user, players can use the damage ticks from Ashe’s Dynamite to track her location on the battlefield. This is obviously helpful, as locating an opposing Ashe can often be troublesome.

MagicMeatbal1 included a video illustrating how to use the trick in the game. The clip started with them playing Roadhog near the bridge crossing above the payload on the Hyrbird map called Eichenwalde. After being struck by a stick of Dynamite from an enemy Ashe, damage ticks appeared near the top of the Reddit user’s screen. To take advantage of the tip, they simply followed the direction of the indicators, leading them to the approximate location of the enemy Ashe. Using the knowledge they gained from the damage ticks, MagicMeatbal1 was ready for the enemy Ashe to peek from behind cover. They then swiftly hooked and eliminated the opposition.

This trick revealed by MagicMeatbal1 made an impression on numerous members of the Overwatch community on Reddit. With nearly 10,000 upvotes in only a few days, many were surprised to learn that this counter was in the game. Furthermore, others were shocked that they had failed to realize its value earlier. However, some Ashe mains were concerned for the viability of the character moving forward. “You just nerfed Ashe with this info,” one user commented.

This is just one of many impressive clips shared by Overwatch fans on Reddit. Besides this video detailing how to counter Ashe players, another fan recently revealed the effectiveness of Sigma and D.Va’s ultimates when used together. It will be interesting to see what other tips and tricks players discover in the coming months.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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