Overwatch Seemingly Leaks Experimental Changes For Brigitte

The next round of experimental balance changes for Overwatch appears to have leaked, but only for the armored Support hero Bridgitte.

Overwatch may not be receiving frequent updates anymore, with Blizzard having shifted a majority of its development resources to Overwatch 2, but the team is still doing its best to keep the meta fresh. That includes a mix of Experimental game modes where guests break Overwatch‘s balance in exciting new ways. These limited-time game modes come and go, but have become increasingly looked forward to recently. While details about the next Experimental mode have yet to be announced, a leak tied to Brigitte offers a hint of what’s to come.


The leak comes from Twitter user HolyShiftKid, who shared Brigitte’s piece of the upcoming patch notes with all the changes blurred out. As any online denizen likely knows, a bit of blurring is only ever seen as a challenge. Reddit user depressedtbh posted a list of Brigitte changes to Reddit, which they believe they translated from the blurry post shared on Twitter. The leaked changes may not be entirely reliable, but it’s still a glimpse of what’s to come.

Brigitte’s changes for what could be Overwatch‘s next Experimental game mode start with a major nerf. Her Inspire healing range is reduced from 20 meters to 5 meters for full strength. Every meter further away from that an ally is, they’ll receive reduced healing per second. Next, the Repair Pack’s changes aren’t entirely clear. What it looks like is that Repair Pack’s cooldown is reduced from 6 to 4 seconds, and performing another unclear action will lower an active cooldown faster.


The last two changes, for Brigitte’s Barrier Shield and Rally, are largely unintelligible. Using the Barrier Shield appears to have an additional effect, though it could be anything. It looks like Rally’s Charge effect, which makes allies move faster, will be reduced by a small amount.

Experimental modes are all about having fun with balance in unique ways. These leaked changes seem focused on two areas. First, Blizzard is seemingly nerfing some of Brigitte’s biggest strengths in her healing and rallying abilities. Second, the more experimental changes seem to be boosting her Repair Packs significantly. Instead of passive healing, Brigitte will have more focus on active temporary healing.

When these changes will go live is entirely unclear. The last Experimental card arrived in late November and was very well received, so perhaps Blizzard wants the next mode to go even bigger. If changes are reaching people online already, then they’re likely to arrive sooner than later. At the very least, it should distract Overwatch players until more Overwatch 2 news gets shared.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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