Overwatch Player Shows Off Incredible Soldier 76 Roof Slide Spot on Hanamura

The most skilled Overwatch players know how to make the most of map geometry, exploiting every hero ability to reach all the nooks and crannies and achieve victory. Whether by hopping walls to flank enemies or by flying to unreachable terrain, pro Overwatch players know the best techniques for surprising and dominating the opposing team.

Hanamura is the controversial Assault map that sees teams attack and defend two capture points on opposite sides of the level. With defenders relying on controlling various choke points around the points, successful attackers need to break through and quickly storm both points before defenders can fully recover. Therefore, speed is everything, and coming up with creative ways to speed games up is a big way that players can ensure victory.


One Reddit user, McMagicMarv, shows off an impressive clip of Soldier 76’s helix rockets sending them flying across the slanted roofs of Hanamura. To do this, the Soldier stands atop a fence post and aims down, jumping and shooting their helix rocket to give them an extra boost. This is a commonly used trick that Soldier mains use to reach high ground and pick off enemies, however, here it is used to jump atop one of Hanamura’s roofs.

As Overwatch is an online team shooter, most elevated surfaces that the player can technically reach are not nav-meshed to avoid players exploiting them. Therefore, when most high-up surfaces are landed on, players will glide across them until they fall off. What McMagicMarv shows here is how to use Soldier’s unique abilities to extend that glide for a quick flank.

After reaching the roof, they hold down Soldier’s sprint and carefully position their camera, so they land directly in the window behind the enemies. Once they touch down, they use their ultimate to take down the unsuspecting Mercy and Brigitte on the balcony, leaving the point vulnerable to capture.

While this cool trick can continue to be admired in Overwatch, it represents a big problem with 2CP maps that leave defenders far more disadvantaged than attackers at choke points. One of the biggest changes to Overwatch 2 is the removal of Hanamura and other Assault maps like it. Instead, Assault will seemingly be replaced by Overwatch 2‘s more popular Push mode, which sees teams compete in a push of war on a mirrored map, thusly, giving the two teams a much more equal playing field.

Overwatch is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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