Overwatch Player Discovers Deadly Slam Spot For Wrecking Ball On King’s Row

An Overwatch player stumbles upon an easily missable slam spot for Wrecking Ball, giving fans of the hero an advantage on King’s Row.

Overwatch is built around the idea that any ability could sway a fight, something that forces players to work together in order to succeed. While Wrecking Ball has a few game-changing Overwatch abilities, his slam is one of the most consistent.

Any fans of Wrecking Ball will surely be aware how much his abilities rely on speed and momentum. This makes sense considering that his mech is a giant hamster ball, with the Tank hero having the ability to roll across the map extremely fast. Wrecking Ball’s grappling hook only adds to this quickness, and the best thing about the grappling hook is that it allows Wrecking Ball to launch into the air.


When Hammond is in the air, he can slam down and deal tremendous damage to any enemies in the surrounding area. This has resulted in several memorable Overwatch clips, with Wrecking Ball users scouring every map in search of slam spots. However, some spots are well-hidden, with Wrecking Ball players able to exploit flaws in the environment to slam without flinging themselves into the air first. As it turns out, one of the game’s most beloved arenas houses one of these broken slam spots, and Wrecking Ball users should take note of the following Reddit clip.

The Overwatch map King’s Row has proven incredibly popular over the years, and for good reason. The balancing and map flow for King’s Row is top-notch, with the UK-based area full of flanking routes and lanes so that every hero can shine. The third and final point is particularly intense, as it takes players to the Omnic underworld and gives defenders their last chance to stop the attackers. While many know about the gaps in the floor that players can fall through if they are not careful, there is one hole in front of a doorway that is very advantageous for Wrecking Ball players.

In the clip, the Overwatch player controlling Wrecking Ball rolls across a small gap in front of the door. As pointed out by InvisibleOnions, there are a few spots like this in King’s Row, though the one shown is extremely powerful since there is usually a lot of traffic around the door when players are pushing the payload. Because there is a gap in the floor, the game thinks Hammond is falling and is high enough to slam, though he cannot fall through the gap because it is far too small. As such, Wrecking Ball users can use the spot to slam enemies unexpectedly.

While it remains to be seen how much Wrecking Ball will change whenever Overwatch 2 releases, hopefully he keeps his iconic slam ability. Regardless, players can make the most out of the current version of the hero by using this King’s Row spot to their advantage.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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