Overwatch Ilios Map Has Flaw You Can Never Unsee

Overwatch fans discover a distracting design flaw on the Ilios Control map that is getting a mixed reaction from the community.

Overwatch players have been battling it out on its Ilios map since the game’s launch in 2016, fighting for control over the map’s lighthouse. Since players have to be inside the lighthouse to take control of the point, few bother to fly above it or pay attention to the top part of the structure. Because of this, many Overwatch players are just now discovering a flaw with the lighthouse that they can never unsee.

As pointed out by Reddit user VanarchistCookbook, the Overwatch Ilios map lighthouse has a flaw in that the top part of it is off-center. This was demonstrated in a video clip where Overwatch Damage hero Echo flies to the top of the lighthouse and walks around, confirming that it is indeed off-center. It’s unclear why Blizzard designed it like this and it’s unlikely to get changed, but this discovery has elicited some interesting reactions from the community.


In response to the video, some fans have said that the lighthouse on the Overwatch Ilios map being off-center has made them upset and others are simply annoyed by it. Others still have joked that Blizzard should completely remove Ilios as a result or that fixing it is going to cause another big delay for Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch 2 release date was once believed to be sometime in 2021, but the year came and went with no game. Those looking forward to Overwatch 2 were then hoping to see the game launch in 2022, but the latest reports indicate that the Overwatch 2 release date won’t be until sometime in 2023 at the earliest. This is no doubt disappointing news for fans of the series, but it should hopefully result in a more quality experience overall.

It’s unclear when more Overwatch 2 news will be coming. Plans for BlizzCon 2022 were canceled due to the ongoing Activision Blizzard lawsuits and the number of other controversies currently plaguing the company, but it’s possible that an update will still come soon. That’s just speculation at this time, though, and so Overwatch 2 enthusiasts shouldn’t hold their breath for any reveals in the near future.

While fans wait for more news on Overwatch 2, they can continue playing the original Overwatch in the meantime. The original Overwatch is currently wrapping up its Winter Wonderland 2021 event and should be launching its annual Chinese New Year event soon, though details on what exactly that will entail have not been revealed at the time of this writing.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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