Overwatch Content Creators Are Praising Overwatch 2 After Recent Dev Meeting

Overwatch content creators are singing high praises for Overwatch 2 after a closed-door preview held with the development team.

Any and all news about Overwatch 2 has dried up as of late as Activision Blizzard has continued to deal with the internal strife caused by multiple instances of toxic workplace culture becoming public and employee revolt due to Activision’s handling of the fallout. Though development is still ongoing, there hasn’t been any news given to Overwatch fans as of late. However, it seems like the Overwatch team is allowing some streamers and content creators the opportunity to preview what it’s been working on, and the creators have all come out singing high praises for the game’s future.


Overwatch content creators took to their social media pages shortly after ending a meeting with Overwatch 2 developers on December 16 and sang high praises for the progress being made. None of them were willing to go into detail as to what they saw, as attending the event came with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), but bubbly optimism from the majority, if not all, creators in attendance is sparking new life in the discussions over Overwatch 2.

YouTube creator YourOverwatch tweeted in all caps for dramatic effect on his happiness about the content coming to the game. Twitch streamer EeveeA shares that sentiment, claiming that their expectations for Overwatch are “through the roof.” Whatever the creators were shown has seemingly impressed even the game’s most critically negative creators. Former Contenders Pro SamitoFPS says that he’s optimistic “for the first time in a long time.” Toronto Defiant content creator KarQ was traveling at the time, but paid for airline wifi to join in on the event and shared his optimism for what he saw mid-flight.

The reaction to the news that content creators have seen more of Overwatch 2 has been met with muted optimism and vocal skepticism. Some fans are even egregiously claiming that any positive regards to what was seen have been bought off to instill new confidence in the community that has been kept in the dark as of late. The creators are doing what they can to stave off the cynicism without breaking the NDA, but the general Overwatch community is not that thrilled about hearing positive news about a game they have not heard anything about in months, and the devs have not done much with Overwatch outside of seasonal events and patches. Despite that, some fans are expressing trust in their favored streamer’s optimism.

Development has slowed on Overwatch 2, as it has for a lot of Activision Blizzard games as ongoing internal strive, departures, and employee action has altered any work being done at the company. The last time fans saw anything from Overwatch 2 were map and 5v5 preview games with Overwatch League players in October. That was before the game was delayed into a nondescript future date.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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