Overwatch 2 Video Highlights Roadhog’s Funny Nicknames For Certain Heroes

An Overwatch 2 fan recently shared a video showcasing some of the hilarious nicknames Roadhog uses for different heroes during the Catch-a-Mari event. These comical nicknames can be heard when players get a highlight in the special Catch-a-Mari game mode in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is currently running the Roadhog Catch-a-Mari event, which includes a special game mode themed after the infamous tank from the badlands of Australia and his secret love for the Pachimari mascot character. In the 3v3 deathmatch game mode, the traditional Overwatch 2 announcer is replaced by Roadhog himself. The taciturn tank is much more verbose in his speech, shouting out in excitement when players collect Pachimaris during the battle.


However, when players select a character for the game mode, Roadhog calls out some hilarious nicknames for the different heroes. Fans of Overwatch 2 created a short video compilation of some of these clever nicknames. While not every hero got a fun nickname, many members of the cast got one–and in some cases, two–in this limited-time Overwatch 2 game mode.

The Best Overwatch 2 Catch-a-Mari Nicknames

  • Cassidy as “Cactus Bootbuckle.”
  • Junker Queen as “Her Ladyship, the Queen.”
  • Pharah as “Rocket Lady.”
  • Ramattra as “Thunko, the Metal Man.”
  • Reinhardt as “Bratwurst Muscles” and “The Bavarian Buffet.”
  • Widowmaker as “Scopetta Baquette.”
  • Sigma as “Gravity Frank.”
  • Zarya as “Gravity Janice.”
  • Sojourn as “Former Overwatch Acting Commander Vivian ‘Sojourn’ Chase.”

Overwatch 2 fans couldn’t get enough of these hilarious character nicknames. The comments of the various social media posts were quickly flooded by fans picking their favorite ones from the video, and sharing others they heard during their own games of Catch-a-Mari. Many fans agreed that they should collectively start calling the Overwatch heroes by these new names from now on. It is clear Overwatch 2 fans thoroughly enjoyed Roadhog’s humor–especially considering how little the hero talks in normal games.

Unfortunately, not every Overwatch 2 hero got a nickname for the Catch-a-Mari event. According to senior writer and narrative designer of Overwatch 2, the nicknames were the product of a last-minute brainstorming session while developing the event. He hopes to complete the cast if they re-run this event again in the future.

For the duration of the Overwatch 2 event, players can earn special cosmetics, emotes, and even the epic Roadhog Pachimari skin. Unlocking these cosmetics requires players to participate in the Catch-a-Mari game mode, but can all be easily earned after an hour or two of play. The Catch-a-Mari event and game mode will be available until April 4, so players should be sure to log in and collect these easy-to-earn Overwatch 2 rewards–and see what hilarious Roadhog nicknames they can discover.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit/Gnostic28

Source: Gamerant

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