Overwatch 2 Player Discovers Way to Access PvE Area on King’s Row During Closed Beta

Overwatch 2‘s closed PvP beta has now been available through the weekend. Overwatch fans are excited to see their favorite multiplayer shooter in a fresh new way, but some have criticized it as feeling like an update years too late. Part of what’s driven criticism is that Blizzard isn’t ready to do testing for the PvE half of Overwatch 2, prioritizing the release of Overwatch‘s PvP for esports. While PvE may not be in Overwatch 2‘s current closed test, one player did discover a way to explore a PvE area of the King’s Row map.


King’s Row is one of seven maps currently available in Overwatch 2‘s closed beta and acts as a hybrid that supports both Control and Escort modes. It’s one of Overwatch 2‘s returning maps from the original Overwatch, though it’s been updated with new time-of-day lighting changes. However, King’s Row is also a featured level in Overwatch 2‘s PvE mode, as previously showcased at BlizzConline. It turns out that PvE map extension is in Overwatch 2‘s current beta and can be accessed with a bit of work.

As shared by YouTube channel DragonEngineer, the PvE area of King’s Row can be accessed through Overwatch 2‘s Workshop. It’s fortunately out of reach mid-match, so players don’t have to worry about opponents going out of bounds. Players need to change Sombra’s ability cooldown to 0%, allowing her to spam use Translocator. There’s a small crevice between buildings where Sombra is able to spam throw her Translocator and, if they get lucky, gain access to an area outside the bounds of the map.

From this area, Sombra is able to throw her Translocator into the air over and over, effectively making huge repeated leaps. Since there are no boundaries in this area, she’s able to explore places she’s not supposed to. That includes a major section of the PvE King’s Row map, some of which was shown during BlizzConline.

Obviously, this PvE area of King’s Row isn’t playable. There’s nothing to it other than the map itself. Nevertheless, it still offers a glimpse of the size and scope of the PvE areas that will be available when Overwatch 2‘s PvE content eventually arrives.

As for when Overwatch 2 players can expect to see the game’s PvE content, there’s no simple answer. If PvE was close to being done, Blizzard would probably be sharing more information about it. The decision to launch the PvP side of Overwatch 2 without the PvE likely means the other half of the game is quite a ways off. With that in mind, exploring deserted maps may be the closest players get for a while.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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