Overwatch 2 Makes ‘Major’ Matchmaking Adjustment, Players Still Dissatisfied

Blizzard has made a “major” adjustment to Overwatch 2‘s matchmaking, but players aren’t really feeling the effects of the change. Competitive games have the constant challenge of creating the ideal matchmaking for players, and Overwatch 2 is no different. The devs are always working to make adjustments in this regard, but apparently, the work is far from over.

Among all the problems that have haunted Blizzard’s shooter since its release, one issue that has recently stood out is the quality of Overwatch 2‘s matchmaking. Currently, in Season 3, players of Blizzard’s shooter have frequently debated whether the system is setting up balanced and fair matches. While a truly effective solution has not appeared, Blizzard has brought a new change so that Overwatch 2 players can better enjoy the game.


Server Engineer Morgan Maddren revealed on his Twitter account that the development team has been working to make matches with a narrower spread of MMR. MMR is a key aspect in Overwatch 2, as it is used by the devs to balance matches and rankings. As a consequence of the change, Maddren explains that players may be seeing shorter queue times, particularly in group and high MMR matches. Maddren also notes that reducing MMR spread was a bit tricky, especially for players who form groups. But if Overwatch 2‘s matchmaking wasn’t pleasing the community before, the current change didn’t satisfy some players either.

In the comments of the thread made by Maddren, the dev received less than enthusiastic responses from some players. One user said they didn’t see significant changes in the high-ranking lobbies, something Overwatch 2 has also been working on. Another user commented that though they are a casual player, they are often paired with GM and diamond players. On the official Overwatch 2 subreddit the lack of enthusiasm from players is also noticeable. It is possible to find many posts complaining about unbalanced matches. Players also complain about the matchmaker finding matches faster, but with “people from every possible rank.”

There is a long way for Overwatch 2 to go before matchmaking becomes satisfactory for all players. Despite constant criticism from the community, tweets like Maddren’s show that the Overwatch 2 devs keep working – even if the result is not as expected. With Overwatch 2 Season 3 starting to wind down, more significant changes may be seen only in Season 4. Players can only wait and hope that Season 4 brings better days for Overwatch 2 matchmaking.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Dexerto, Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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