Overwatch 2 Event Announced for Next Month

Blizzard confirms that it will be hosting a special Overwatch 2 event in June that will reveal its plans for the hero-shooter’s future.

Overwatch 2 just wrapped up its first PvP closed beta test, which gave PC gamers the chance to play as new Damage hero Sojourn, try out the new Push game mode, and test various hero reworks that are being introduced in the sequel. Now Blizzard has revealed the next step for Overwatch 2, revealing a special event that will take place next month to give fans more information on plans for the hero-shooter in the months ahead.

Blizzard has confirmed that the next big Overwatch 2 event will take place on Thursday, June 16. A specific start time for the event has not been announced at the time of this writing, but Blizzard has confirmed that it will reveal its plans for Overwatch 2‘s future at it. While some may hope that this includes an Overwatch 2 release date reveal, they may want to keep their expectations in check.


Besides the fact that this Overwatch 2 June event will see Blizzard share plans for the game “for the months ahead,” all else it is confirmed to include is information on the next PvP beta. So while a release date reveal is possible, fans should go into this Overwatch 2 event only expecting to learn more about the next PvP beta, as that’s all that’s been guaranteed by Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 June Event Date

Now the question is what exactly Blizzard will reveal about the next PvP beta. Perhaps the next Overwatch 2 PvP beta will be an open beta instead of closed, and maybe it will come to more platforms. The Overwatch 2 closed beta was exclusive to PC gamers, but there are many Overwatch fans on consoles who would likely jump at the opportunity to take the sequel for a test drive themselves.

Blizzard has previously confirmed that it plans on hosting future Overwatch 2 betas on consoles, but it’s just a matter of when. It may be too soon for the next beta to be available on consoles, but that remains to be seen. Fans will have to tune in to the Overwatch 2 event on June 16 to find out more about what exactly the next PvP beta has in store.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if any fresh hero information comes during the event. As it stands, Damage hero Sojourn is the only new hero confirmed for Overwatch 2, though there are rumors that the long-awaited Junker Queen could be making her debut as well. It’s possible Blizzard will detail new balance changes being made to existing heroes as well, especially now that it has data from the first beta it can use. Again, all fans can do is tune in to the Overwatch 2 event on June 16 to find out what Blizzard has in store for the hero-shooter in the near future.

Overwatch 2 is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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