Overwatch 2 Clip Shows What Happens When Kiriko Teleports To a Player Switching Heroes

A Kiriko player in Overwatch 2 uses their teleport ability to evade enemy fire, only to find themselves in a considerably worse position.

A video clip from Overwatch 2 highlights a hilarious bug that puts a Kiriko player in a rough spot after using their Swift Step ability. In a moment of confusion, the Overwatch 2 player’s chances go from slim to none with the press of a button.

Kiriko was one of three new heroes who premiered alongside the first season launch of Overwatch 2 back in October. The first new healer introduced to the game since Baptiste in early 2019, Kiriko brought a unique kit to the game, with a solid mix of offensive and defensive power while still maintaining the ability to be a healing juggernaut. Kiriko’s Swift Step ability allows her to instantly teleport to a targeted friendly hero. This can be utilized in a number of crucial ways in Overwatch 2, giving her an easy out if the situation gets too dicey, or a quick entrance in order to make a life-saving last-second heal. A bit overturned at launch, Kiriko has been hit by several nerfs since being introduced to Overwatch 2.


User Yocas posted their unexpected Kiriko clip onto the Overwatch 2 subreddit that gained traction for its highlighting of an absurd bug with Kiriko’s Swift Step. On the Junkertown map, at one of the offensive spawn points, Yocas leaves spawn while chucking kunai at an overextended Wrecking Ball, then immediately comes under fire from an enemy Tracer. In a moment of do or die, Yocas triggers Kiriko’s Swift Step on an ally safely in spawn. The teleport triggers right as the teammate is changing heroes, resulting in a bug that sends Kiriko to a spot outside the map where she very quickly plummets to her death.

Bugs in Overwatch 2 have been a semi-consistent issue since release. While not a deal-breaker for most fans, the revolving door of heroes being disabled for play due to various issues has been a nuisance, and coupled with a tepid response to Blizzard’s shifting monetization strategy, there is plenty to be concerned about when pondering Overwatch 2’s future. The Reddit clip from Yocas was an amusing example of a serious problem facing the game. A game as inherently competitive as Overwatch 2 simply cannot have games decided by fluke bugs like these.

While things could certainly be going smoother, fans remain hopeful that with a continued commitment from Blizzard to support Overwatch 2’s development, the best days for the game are still ahead of it.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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