Overwatch 2 Beta Update Buffs Sojourn and Baptiste and Gives Mercy a New Ability

Blizzard’s ongoing closed beta for Overwatch 2 continues, though it’s planned to end later this week. Blizzard’s goal with the closed beta has been to make an impression, however. While Blizzard isn’t delivering the full Overwatch 2 experience as promised, it can win players back over with quick updates and responses to feedback. That’s what is being done in Overwatch 2‘s next update, which not only improves Mercy’s kit but also balance changes to Sojourn and Baptiste.


The changes to Mercy are particularly interesting. Not every Mercy player may be aware, but the support character has a unique interaction in-game called the Super Jump. Mercy players using Guardian Angel can crouch as the ability ends to fly high into the air, going higher than Mercy’s normal jump. Blizzard likes that Mercy has this ability and has decided to make it simpler to user, rather than something just for experienced players. Using crouch during Guardian Angel will now cancel it and launch Mercy into the air automatically.

Funnily enough, it sounds like Blizzard didn’t correct the initial problem with Mercy’s Super Jump before adding in the new functionality. Testing for the patch shows that if Overwatch 2 players try to complete the original Super Jump, they now leap three times higher than before. There are clearly some kinks left to work out in the patch.

In addition to the Mercy change, the patch made key changes to both Baptiste and Sojourn to buff the two underutilized characters. Baptiste’s healing was targeted for improvements. His Regenerative Burst now heals 50 health instantly and another 50 over time. Additionally, the instant heal will double for allies under 50 health. Sojourn, on the other hand, is receiving a significant DPS buff, increasing her Railgun rate of fire from 13 to 15 shots per second, and her Railgun ammo from 40 to 45.

While the patches in the planned update aren’t widespread, only impacting three of Overwatch 2‘s heroes, they are significant changes. The improvements to Sojourn, in particular, could shake up Overwatch 2‘s current meta. The rate of fire adjustment could increase her overall damage significantly. As far as a late patch goes, it delivers.

It’s unclear if this will be the last update for Overwatch 2‘s closed beta before it ends next Tuesday, but it seems likely. Updates have been arriving on Thursday each week and there are no more Thursdays left, barring the beta’s extension. What comes after that for Overwatch 2 fans remains to be seen.

Overwatch 2‘s closed beta is available now on PC but requires an invitation.

Source: Gamerant

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