Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts Get Refreshed Kanto Designs

The Pokemon Company partners once again with fashion brand Original Stitch to deliver refreshed designs of Kanto region Pokemon shirts to fans.

Pokemon apparel is likely one of the easiest ways to incorporate the super popular franchise into a fan’s daily life. This is probably why The Pokemon Company continues to partner with fashion brands like Original Stitch and Levi’s, as well as producing accessory items such as Pokemon-themed eyewear from JINS. Now, the company is bringing more designs to its collaboration with Original Stitch, and this time they are putting the focus on Pokemon that can specifically be found in the Kanto region.


For Pokemon fans who have been following the franchise’s pop culture news, this is not the first time that The Pokemon Company has partnered with Original Stitch. Through the years, the company has worked with the fashion brand to produce unique shirt collections that definitely tickle the fans’ fancy. Some of them include Poke Ball-inspired designs, while the most recent lineup concentrates on Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary celebrations. With the Kanto Pokemon roster being the first to be introduced to the world, it seems only apt for the company to refresh its designs, especially since the franchise is celebrating such a milestone this 2021.

On the official Japanese Pokemon website, details about the new Original Stitch Pokemon shirts were shared. According to the post, 36 new patterns will be made available to fans, all of them featuring a specific Pokemon from the Kanto region. This includes all evolutions of the three Kanto starters, as well as the three Eevee evolutions such as Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. The original legendary birds, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, are also part of the refreshed designs, which is great news for lovers of the first Pokemon games.

The refreshed Kanto region collection of Original Stitch will be available on December 17, 2021. Fans can order them through the official site at the base price of 11,000 yen, roughly $97 USD. However, this is for the basic Pokemon-themed fabric. For custom options, including reversible designs, embroidery, Poke Ball buttons, and more, the price will definitely rise. Given the options available for its customers, it is not surprising for the Pokemon x Original Stitch shirts to be expensive, compared to other fashion collaborations.

For hardcore Pokemon fans that are looking to find a way to subtly infuse their fandom into their daily wear, the cost may not be that much of a factor. However, given how avid Japanese fans can be, it may be possible that the collection will sell out soon. Interested buyers should check out their purchases as soon as they can, if they really want to bring home some of these unique Pokemon polo shirts from Original Stitch.

Source: Gamerant

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