Original Pokemon Snap Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Pokemon Snap is the latest game to join the expanding roster of N64 games available with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

The original Pokemon Snap was an oddly intriguing game for many fans of the classic franchise. Rather than catching Pokemon in Pokeballs, the player was tasked with capturing them through pictures. While the player is allowed to throw bait at Pokemon and play music to change their behaviors, somewhat similarly to the mechanics present in the safaris seen in the mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Snap completely avoids many of the other staples of the franchise, such as battling and training.


Pokemon Snap proved to be so popular that it received a highly anticipated sequel in 2021, and the New Pokemon Snap captured much of the original game’s charm. However, fans wanting a nostalgic trip through the first Pokemon photography simulator may be in luck, as recently the initial Pokemon Snap game was given a release date for its arrival in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, adding to the expansive roster of N64 games available via the subscription service.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has been adding classic N64, NES, and SNES titles for Switch users to play since 2021, after fans believed that the price of the base subscription service was not worth the money. While the debate around Nintendo Switch Online being worth the price of entry continues, it is clear that the company is working to deliver more content through its subscription service. Last month, Nintendo’s President confirmed that additional games would be coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Soon, fans will see some of that new content, as a trailer for Pokemon Snap confirmed it will be added to the Expansion Pack on June 24.

Fans knew that Pokemon Snap would be coming to the Switch at some point, as it was unveiled in a trailer alongside some other classic N64 titles like Mario Golf and Kirby 64. However, fans weren’t sure which of these games they’d be receiving first or when they’d be able to play them. Kirby 64 was the first game of the announced three to drop, releasing on May 20 for Switch Online subscribers. Over a month later, Pokemon Snap will arrive, meaning if Mario Golf follows the pattern, it should be in Switch players’ hands by the end of July.

Alongside new N64, SNES, and NES titles dropping consistently for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, fans may see some games from other consoles coming to the subscription service. A Game Boy emulator for the Nintendo Switch was allegedly leaked some time ago, meaning that some handheld classics could be joining the expanding roster of old games for the new console.

Pokemon Snap releases on June 24 for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers.

Source: Gamerant

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