Official Overwatch Concept Art Shows Unused MEKA Heroes

Former Overwatch Lead Concept Artist Ben Zhang shares official concept art for D.Va’s Shooting Star video, which shows four unused MEKA heroes.

Activision Blizzard continues to add new content to Overwatch, and the addition of Busan teased more MEKA Pilots beyond D.Va, the rocket-shooting tank character. Since the release of the “Shooting Star” animated short focusing on D.Va’s backstory, official Overwatch concept art has released showing off the rest of the MEKA characters and what they may have looked like in the game.

Activision Blizzard released Shooting Star in 2018, but former Overwatch Lead Concept Artist Ben Zhang recently showed off detailed concept art that wasn’t used in any of the footage from the cinematic. The art focuses on each MEKA Pilot other than D.Va and shows the unused mechs, all of which have their own distinct look. One mech has a sword and shield, another resembles a Marvel Quinjet, and one shares similarities with the Goliath from StarCraft. Like D.Va and her mech Tokki, all of the Pilots feature similar looks to their powerful machines except for Kyung-Soo and his mech, Singijeon.


Ben Zhang left Activision Blizzard back in 2019. The MEKA Pilot concept art that was shared today was made for the Shooting Star cinematic specifically and wasn’t intended for gameplay. The art depicts Yuna with Beast, Jae-Eun with La Princesse, Seung-Hwa with Mastermind, and Kyung-Soo with Singijeon, and each has its own distinct look despite the similarity of being mechs with their Pilots. Yuna is also known as D.Mon, a nickname that may indicate an equal skill level or simply reflect the tank nature of both characters.

Beast is a chunky red mech that protects itself with a shield and wields an energy sword just as Reinhardt swings a mighty hammer with his shield. La Princesse is extremely angular like a green arrow, which may suggest that it’s the fastest member of the squad and its dual-arm cannons are like Tokki’s. Mastermind floats above the ground using two jets on either side of the cockpit of the mech and it features one large cannon in its center between two protruding arms. The final mech, Singijeon, is similar in size to D.Va’s mech in Overwatch and it shoots rockets from its shoulders while being able to fire at enemies with its hand cannons just like the MEKA character that made the cut.

It’s currently unclear if the rest of MEKA will join Overwatch 2‘s roster, but many D.Va fans have expressed seeing at least one additional MEKA Pilot since the release of Shooting Star. Some Overwatch fans speculated that D.Mon would join the hero shooter’s roster before the announcement of Overwatch 2, but that becomes less likely the closer to Overwatch 2‘s release it gets. The sequel to Overwatch has been delayed indefinitely, so perhaps more new heroes will be added to the roster of characters just as Echo was.

Overwatch is available right now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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