Nvidia RTX 4080 Could Be 100W Hotter Than Its Predecessor

It’s not surprising that newer GPUs will require more power to run, but it seems as though another Nvidia 4000 card could end up running quite hot.

The industry is moving ever closer to the next GPU generation, with Nvidia and AMD still battling it out. As Intel’s Arc desktop card may be delayed, possibly until Q4 of this year, it’s the other two giants that are vying for supremacy, leaving team blue to eat their collective dust. As can be imagined, there are many rumors flying around about what each company will be offering, and as speculations begin to heat up, so do the products themselves, it seems.


As spotted by Videocardz, according to a recent tweet from known leaker kopite7kimi, it looks as though one of the upcoming Ada Lovelace GPUs from Nvidia will be a mite warmer than its predecessor. Specifically, the leak suggests that the RTX 4080 will have a TDP, or thermal design power, of 420W. Compare that to the RTX 3080, which runs at 320W, and that’s a hundred watts warmer than the current card.

While that’s not as hot as the Nvidia RTX 4090 which may have a TDP of 450W, it will still be a noticeably warm piece of kit. Of course, this may be expected, given that the next generation of products from both team red and team green will represent the next stage of graphics power. That said, more than 400W is quite toasty, and that’s not taking into consideration additional outputs from other parts of a user’s system. Of course, it goes without saying that these are just rumors, so it’s best not to digest this latest information just yet.

Nvidia is expected to launch its RTX 4080 in September, with the 4070 possibly coming out in October. But before that, there’s the RTX 4090, which may be just a few weeks away, as rumors indicate that it could be hitting shelves in August. This feels like a neat schedule, and it’s also evident that team green is looking to make a big push into the next generation before its biggest rival and before Intel can even get its shoes on.

On top of that, graphics card prices are continuing to come down, with May seeing a 15% drop on average. There are even some Nvidia and AMD products that have been seen at lower than their MSRPs. Currently, there are a ton of speculations flying around, but the general gist is that Lovelace and RDNA 3 will aim to provide better performance, but seemingly at the cost of more power consumption.

Source: Videocardz

Source: Gamerant

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